Write a biography of famous person

write a biography of famous person

Cite all of the quotes you use in your biography. Oct 26,  · Are you stumped about how to write a report on a famous person? Write a Biography. How to. Write a Report. How to. Write a Report Quickly and. Write a brief biography to introduce How to Write a Short Bio and always write in the third person. For example, write "Jane Smith is a freelance writer. These will be the sentences that make the clear point of each paragraph.

Are you stumped about how to write a report on a famous person? Many times, just starting a project like this is half the battle and once you begin all the pieces will fall into place. You will just need to do a bit of research, organize the information you learned into general categories, and then s about each of those categories. You can write a report about anyone or anything with just a bit of time, organization, and focus. Essays Research and Review. Community Dashboard Random Article About Us Categories Recent Changes.

Write an Article Request a New Article Answer a Request More Ideas Do a basic internet write a biography of famous person about the person. If you don't know anything about the person you are going to write about, it makes sense to do a basic online search of their name, so that you understand the basics of who they are. Pick your favorite internet search site and look the person up simply by typing in their name. For most reports, this preliminary search will not give you sources that you want to cite in your paper.

Instead, it will give you the basic information you need to do a more in-depth search for credible sources. However, these can wrrite great jumping off points for further research. Go to the library and gather more information. Check out books from the library, search the library databases, and read newspaper or magazine articles.

A write a biography of famous person way to find out if you are finding all of the sources a library has to offer is to talk to a librarian about your project. They can steer you towards a wide bioggaphy of great and reliable sources.

When researching the subject, be careful to evaluate the credibility of your sources. If possible, use a variety of reliable sources to get the best information about the subject. It is one thing to read everything you write a biography of famous person about a person, it's another to remember all that write a biography of famous person and where you found it.

This is why taking notes is so important.

As you read a source, take notes about the important details. These notes will help you remember the information and they will be very important to refer to when you start to write your actual report. Begin by writing the name of the source and then listing points or pieces of information as you find them. It's also good to note a page number, so that you can find the information again. Some people like to take notes on paper and some people like to type them in a computer.

Do whichever you prefer.

write a biography of famous person

Any person's life cannot be completely covered by one class report. Instead, you will want to give your reader all the basic information about the person, but spend most of your time looking into one particular aspect of the person. For example, if you are researching Eleanor Roosevelt, you write a biography of famous person want to ranz ongsee biography when she was born, who her parents and her husband were, and why she is famous.

However, you will also want to focus most of your attention on looking into one aspect of her life. Perhaps it is her time as First Lady of the United States or her work for women's rights. Whatever you find most interesting, that should be your real focus. You could also pick the aspect of the person that you relate to most.

For example, perhaps you are most drawn to Elvis Presley because he spent time in the military. You could write your report about his time in the military. Keep track of all of your sources. You will want to keep track of where you get all of your information. This is done with a citationwhich lists the source of the information. Ask your teacher if they want citations and how they would like you to include them. Citations can come in a wide variety of forms, so it's important to understand what exactly your teacher expects.

Your teacher may also want to you to write a bibliography as well. This is simply a list, in a specific form, of all of the books or websites you referred to or used in your report. Making a list of all of your sources as you do your arite will make the bibliography easier to make at the end. This is a rough plan for the report that will help you to organize your thoughts and it will actually make writing the actual paper easier. This should be the main subject of the introduction.

Then list sub points, these are the specific topics of the body paragraphs of the report. The sub points are usually all the ways that you can prove your main overarching point. For example, if your ibography point about The Beatles is that they were the most popular band in the s, you will say that in the introduction and then the point of every following paragraph will be to support that assertion.

You may have a paragraph about album sales, a paragraph about huge concerts, and a paragraph about their huge number of fans and fan clubs. The outline can be created in any form you like. Some people just like to start listing points they want to make in any order and then reorganize biographh, while others persson a very structured outline that lays out the organization of the paper in detail.

You can also list an outline for the conclusion but the conclusion usually just reiterates the main point brought up in the introduction. Start your introduction by using an attention grabbing statement or startling fact to draw the reader's attention. Also be sure to include significant information fanous this person in the introduction, so that a reader who doesn't know who this person is can have a bit more information.

You also need to introduce your main point. This should be a topic sentence that usually goes toward the end of the introduction. It is usually located at the end so that you can build up to it. Include when and where this person was born in the introduction but consider waiting until the end of your report to discuss when he or she died, if they are not alive. Don't address the person by his or her first name. It sounds very unprofessional.

In your introduction, you may call them by their full name, but you must use their last name throughout the rest of the paper. Write topic sentences for each paragraph. These will be the sentences that make the clear point of each paragraph.

write a biography of famous person

The rest of the paragraph, after this topic sentence, will be all about proving the point of the topic sentence. For example, if the point of one paragraph is that The Beatles biogrraphy more albums than other artists in the s, state that as the topic sentence.

Another example could be if your point is that Martin Luther King was a strong public speaker you could write, "Martin Luther King was a bold, provocative, and persuasive public speaker. State it clearly and strongly. Each paragraph needs to have a write a biography of famous person sentence. If you write a biography of famous person your paragraph doesn't have one, then you need to do some editing.

If you are new to writing reports, try giving three examples to support your topic sentence for each paragraph. This could include specific information, such as dates or figures, that you found during your research for the report. This means that your paragraphs should be from 4 to 5 writes a biography of famous person long, at least. Giving specific examples in the body of a paragraph really helps you prove the point of the paragraph.

Instead of giving your opinion, back up your points with facts. How many paragraphs you need for your report will vary. The basic structure you can use most of the time for an essay is five paragraphs, with one introductory write a biography of famous person, three body paragraphs, and one concluding paragraph.

In that case, you may need to either expand your three body paragraphs or increase the number of body paragraphs you include. Restate your three main points, and conclude your paper with a sentence stating the significance of the person, which was biograaphy topic sentence of your introduction.

The purpose of the conclusion is simply to restate your assertions and how you proved them, so that the reader goes away with a clear picture of what your report wrtie about. Begin the concluding paragraph with a rephrasing of the main point and your examples of why it is true.

For instance, in a essay on The Beatles popularity, you could state, "Clearly, The Beatles staggering record sales, huge fan base, and enduring legacy illustrate the bands lasting importance.

Don't introduce new information in your conclusion. If you are tempted to, find a place to include it in the body of the essay instead. Read over your report for clarity. When you read, pretend that you don't know anything about the subject and your are learning about perdon for the first time. Does your report explain who the person is and why they or important? Can someone who has never heard of the person you are reporting on get a clear picture of the person from your report? You have spent a lot of time already on your report, damous worth a little more time to make it the best it can be.

write a biography of famous person

After you're done writing your paper, it's a good idea to read it out loud to catch mistakes. This will help you to catch areas of your writing that are awkward or confusing. Biorgaphy grammatical and spelling corrections. When reading over your report you also want to make sure that the write a biography of famous person and spelling is correct. Most word processing programs have a spell check function built in, so that will have caught many of the typos you made while you typed. However, fanous important to look it over yourself to make sure your grammar correct and that you have used all of the right words.

Did you mean "there," "their," or "they're? Have someone else edit your report. It is not "cheating" to have someone edit your paper, unless your teacher specifically prohibits it.

Instead, getting the help and input of others in an important part of the writing process and of becoming a better writer. Getting editing help and the perspective of other people will only make you a better writer. If you get a lot of feedback, meaning the person reading your paper suggests a lot of editing, don't take it personally. They are only trying to help make your report the best it can be.

Consider having a parent or a classmate read over fqmous write a biography of famous person. If you have a classmate do wrie, offer to read over their paper in exchange for them reading over yours. Do I need to structure biogfaphy report if I'm writing a report on someone? Yes, every report should have structure. Make an outline to help you stick to it. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Where do you put the death of a person? The introduction would be the best if it doesn't have a great bearing on your report.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. If this question or a similar one is answered twice in this section, please click here to let us know. Tips Be careful to not start every sentence with the person's name.

Warnings Never plagiarize your work.

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It's not worth the short cut and it is dishonest. In fact, your teacher can put anything from your paper into a search engine and find the website you stole it from. Always rephrase sentences when using them in your paper and cite the source you got the information from. Essays Research and Review In other languages: Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 98, times. Did this article help you?

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