Walesa lech biography

walesa lech biography

Bios by Occupation Actor Writer Singer Filmmaker Political Figure TV Personality Model Comedian Activist Songwriter Poet Business Personality Royalty Artist Rock Musician Political Leader U. Lech Walesa was born on September 29, at Popowo, near Lipno, in the Dobrzyń Region. His father Boleslaw, a carpenter by trade, was respected and esteemed by the. During the s trade union activist Lech Walesa was the face of Poland’s anti-Soviet struggle, and in he won the presidency in Poland’s first free election. The s were extremely challenging and painful for Lech Walesa and his family. Walesa was a trained electrician working in the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk when he got involved in union activism around

Lech Walesa was born in Poland in He grew up in Communist controlled Poland and became lech biography in the lech biography union movement in Gdansk shipyards, where he worked as an electrician.

walesa lech biography

Inhe biograph a leader of the workers union as they clashed with the government seeking to gain improved working conditions and recognition.

Because of his union activity as a shop steward, lecjhe was fired by the state owned firm. For the next few years, he was forced into doing odd jobs to provide income for his family and supporting his political activities. Inhe helped to organise the first non-communist trade union, and raised the profile of opposition to the Communist party and its grip on the country. The sole lwch basic source of our strength is the solidarity of workers, peasants and the intelligentsia, the solidarity of the nation, the solidarity of people who seek to live in lech biography, truth, lceh in harmony with their conscience.

This gave the Solidarity movement great hope. But, at the end ofthe Russian backed general Jaruzelski cracked down on the movement.

Przemyslaw Wałęsy(born 1974)*S/O Lech Wałęsa dies at 43 on 8-1-2017.

Walesa was interned, but oscar arias sanchez short biography his high international profile was only placed under house arrest. Although the government cracked down on Solidarity they were not as repressive as in previous years such as Hungarian rising.

The government made life very difficult for Solidarity, but its leaders, such as Lech Walesa remained potent leches biography of opposition to the government. As the s progressed, the new Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev indicated the Soviet Union would no longer use force to impose Soviet control over an Eastern Bloc country. Thus solidarity were able to organise and provided a growing opposition to the Communist control. The movement gained international lech biography and inLech Walesa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

The movement was also encouraged by the first Polish Pope John Paul II.

walesa lech biography

His popularity in Poland gave Solidarity much extra strength. In December in a general ballot he was elected President of the Republic of Poland.

He served until defeated in the election of November He was married and had eight children. He said his Catholic faith sustained much of his pech activity and determination to resist Communist control. Your browser is out of date. Please upgrade your browser or install Google Chrome Frame.

walesa lech biography

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