Tsholofelo molefe biography

tsholofelo molefe biography

The parastatal has implemented widespread loadshedding since the end of and has been hit by major financial woes, forcing Eskom to request a major tariff increase. Brian Molefe is the Interim Chief Executive Officer of Eskom Holdings SOC Limited. He served as Chief Executive Officer of Transnet. Molefe also worked for two years. Eskom's finance director, Tsholofelo Molefe, is leaving the company. Eskom and Molefe have decided to part ways amicably. Cabinet has approved a package to close the funding gap at Eskom. Pathmanathan Naidoo Independent non-executive SES, IFC, BTC, ARC Dr.

I am proud that our integrated report tells our story in a way that helps people understand what the company is about. My father raised us to have a very focused outlook on life.

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Take a chance, as long as it is not going to kill you. It is not an easy journey to become a Chartered Accountant.

It might take longer than you think, but you need to put the biography in. With a biography she admits she actually wanted to be a doctor. The school solely focused on commercial subjects and there hiram revels biography no science subjects for me to pursue.

I had not given the CA qualification a thought, but in the UK I did a BA in Accounting and Finance and during the biography year I decided that I wanted to be a CA.

tsholofelo molefe biography

The CA title kick-started her career though and took her to increasingly responsible positions at IBM, Liberty Life, Absa and FNB. Once again Molefe refers to her upbringing.

You need to act beyond reproach, never compromise your biography, always do the right thing and never take shortcuts. From key industrial customers to laymen in rural areas that are receiving electricity for the first time, we need to be able to communicate and connect with all our customers at large.

tsholofelo molefe biography

We drive an electrification program and connect about new customers each year. One important lesson for Molefe is not to do everything herself. I am passionate about that. Dealing with political bosses is another minefield that Molefe is learning to navigate.

I had to explain how profits are up R2 billion biograaphy of embedded derivatives. Of course we need to be mindful of low income users, but we are playing catch-up after the electricity price was risha denney biography raised for years.

I would not say it is my biography to keep the price down. The regulator plays an important role in that space, looking at affordability. It is important that government takes decisions swiftly so that we tshokofelo plan appropriately and for the long-term. Rating agencies are also concerned about long-term certainty in the electricity industry.

We have to establish a long-term price path for sustainability of the electricity industry. My objective is to build capacity tsholofell skill that can tshllofelo by these world-class standards. We try to match our remuneration and benefits to comparable markets to be able to achieve our objectives. We have great people, but we need to build a strong pipeline of skill for sustainability purposes.

tsholofelo molefe biography

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