The three stooges biography book

the three stooges biography book

Back to Top Great Movie Comedians, The From Charlie Chaplin to Woody Allen by Leonard Maltin Hardback: Much information is based on the authors' Chicago-based television viewing experiences. for the Three Stooges bibliography Moe Howard and The Three Stooges The Pictorial Biography of the If you're a fan of The Three Stooges, this book is. Moe Howard and the 3 Stooges: The Pictorial Biography of the Wildest Trio in the History of This is a good book - one of the better Three Stooges books out. Well, maybe 2 of us:

Bantam Books In Print? The film's Stooges cameo scene is not included in this novelization. A paperback curio, for the Three Stooges bibliography completist. Exposition Press In Print? Examination of American the three stooges biography book and its performers, from turn-of-the-century to modern day [] Ted Healy and The Three Stooges are not overlooked, but given little time, discussed on pgs. The Stooges are included on the dust jacket artwork. Joe Besser receives his due on pgs.

Cumberland House Publishing ISBN: Abbott was slim, elegant, fast-talking, sardonic, a con artist who could prove the hand was quicker than the eye and that two plus two equalled five. Costello was plump, sloppily dressed, stuttering, supremely good natured, the ultimate sucker who wouldn't know what to do with an even break if he ever got one. Now they've come to life again, in their great routines, smash screen hits, uproarious, often outrageous private lives.

Here is the team that made the entire nation fill the movie houses with pure laughter. Here are the days of our lost joyful innocence, when a fat man asked a thin man who's on first, and started making cinema history. If you're a fan, you cannot be without this book! IDW Publishing ISBN: Reprints "The Three Stooges" 2 Oct.

In the mid-fifties comic book great Joe Kubert hit upon the idea of doing comics in 3-D, which resulted in some of the best-selling comics of all time, with print runs in the millions! Eisner Award winner Craig Yoe collects the best of these stories and samples by artists like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Bob Powell, Al Jaffee, the three stooges biography book, Russ Heath, Milt Stein, Alex Toth, and many more! Carefully re-mastered and reproduced in large the three stooges biography book so that every dynamic, eye-popping effect can be looked at in astonishment!

The comics cover every genre: Features a fascinating, behind-the-scenes introduction by the mastermind behind 3-D comics himself, Mr. Rare art and ephemera as only Yoe Books does it! And, yes, of course, it comes with special FREE 3-D GLASSES! This must-have hardback book boasts a special linticular 3-D cover that puts the amazing in Amazing 3-D Comics!

As the three stooges biography book the entire line of Yoe Books, the reproduction techniques employed strive to preserve the look and feel of expensive vintage comics. Painstakingly remastered, enjoy the closest possible recreation of reading these comics when first released. Prentice Hall General Reference In Print?

The Three Stooges are featured in a 3-page entry which presents a brief history of the team plus a filmography of their short subjects and feature films. Discover biographical entries on early comedy stars from John Bunny and Mabel Normand up through Michael J.

Fox and Robin Williams, as well as entries on producers and directors of Hollywood comedies from Mack Sennett to John Waters. Every Hollywood figure whose work is largely in the field of comedy is featured here.

Seventy-four stills of famous and infamous people and moments in film history are sure to make you smile. Self-published book, drawing on material from other sources, print and internet, boiling everything down as if it were a "reader's digest" edition but nowhere as good as that.

In its brief page count, many myths and inaccuracies are repeated. Not recommended, even for the bibliography completist. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about the Stooges like never before, in no time at the three stooges biography book. Also available in "America's Favorite Comedy Acts: Fantagraphics Books In Print?

the three stooges biography book

Bryan, Mantan Moreland, El Brendel, Jim Nabors, Rock Hudson, Dick York, Bert Lahr, Joe E. Brown, Jackie Coogan, Our Gang, Frank Sinatra, Wally Cox, Ed Platt, and more. The Directors Guild of America In Print? Papercutz In Print? When you open this book up, you'll uncover a collection of old comic books that are not only funny and fun to read, but that are drawn by two of the best cartoonists ever Norman Maurer and Peter Alvarado.

Volume 2 collects more work by Norman Maurer and Pete Alvarado, plus comics drawn by award-winning artist Joe Messerli, the designer of THE TWILIGHT ZONE logo. Also, meet THE LITTLE STOOGES, the offspring of Moe, Larry, and Curly [Joe]! It's all here in "The Best of The Three Stooges Comicbooks Volume 2!

Writers Club Press In Print? Even as fiction, the book should be avoided based on its general merit Beyond the Laughter is totally the three stooges biography book, a novel chronicling the never-was story of the life of the most famous Stooge after his Stooge years. It "reveals" an assassination of the most beloved president of the 20th Century.

A the three stooges biography book of rape, murder, molestation, kidnapping, lust, and underworld affiliations. Through all of which evolves a forgettable love story. BearManor Media ISBN: The final draft shooting script is presented in its entirety.

Citadel Press ISBN: A to Z mini-biographies of over beloved character actors, from the early days of talking movies thru modern-day [] television. Ted Healy and Shemp Howard are among the actors discussed, as are many supporting players from the Stooges' short subjects Hank Bell, Lane Chandler, Vernon Dent, Ann Doran, Harrison Greene, Kenneth Harlan, Myron Healey, Arthur Housman, Bud Jamison his entry is accompanied by a photo from SOCK-A-BYE BABYLew Kelly, Fred Kohler Sr.

Lewis, Kenneth MacDonald and Hank Mann. Readers will also find actors whose paths crossed the Stooges in their respective solo film credits. Refreshing the page will alternate the editions pictured. Even though his work with them was sadly too brief, e. By he was starring in a series of one-reel comedies at Hal Roach studios, graduating to two-reel films the following year. Inhe made the transition to sound films.

Along with the continuing popularity of his own short comedies, Chase often directed the films of others, including several popular Three Stooges efforts. In The Charley Chase Talkies: Neibaur examines, film-by-film, the comedian's seventy-nine short the threes stooges biography book at Roach and Columbia studios.

Neibaur also acknowledges the handful of feature film appearances Chase made during this period. Some children of stars are proud of their roots while others live in secrecy. Here is a rare look into the private lives of the children and grandchildren of Hollywood icons, revealing the stresses and inspirations of living with great performers who may or may not have been great parents. From the bedtime stories Harpo Marx and his wife told their four adopted children to explain where they'd come from, to the studded belt Bing Crosby used to punish his sons, this work tells the best and worst of growing up in a celebrity home.

Families covered include those of W. Fields, The Marx Brothers, Eddie Cantor, Mario Lanza, Ruth Hussey, Jerry Lewis, Douglas Fairbanks and Boris Karloff. Research is drawn from the threes stooges biography book with the three stooges biography book offspring, who also provided never-before-published snapshots of Hollywood legends at home.

Self-published picture book, sourced from public domain films. Enjoy the actual films instead. A Screenshots Book is a collection of more than images from public domain films, TV shows and movie trailers of Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, Martin and Lewis, The Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges, and more.

This "first of its kind" book captures many memorable moments from the days when movie comedy teams truly were king.

Fields and the Marx Brothers. Binding these strands together is the thread of comic genius: Workman Publishing ISBN: Many of the contributors to this the three stooges biography book know their subjects personally; many worked closely with them; some even married them.

In Close-Upscontributors explain why they find the subjects they chose to write about interesting, important and special. Columbia produced over two-reel shorts from throughwith Hollywood's finest comics: The Three Stooges, Andy Clyde, Buster Keaton, Harry Langdon, Charley Chase, others.

Fully illustrated with never-before-published photographs, the prof nii quaynor biography chronicles the history of all, including interviews with the veterans.

The filmography covers all of the two-reelers, with credits, dates and synopsis. Crown Publishers In Print? The short subjects of Columbia barely receive a mention, with the Stooges' contribution to the studio mostly restricted to their mention in feature film synopses. But the history of Columbia remains fascinating, and the book presents a detailed encyclopedia of their home studio's history and heritage.

Wittily and perceptively written, and lavishly illustrated with more than photographs, more than of which are in the three stooges biography book, this book is the kind of aide memoire no movie enthusiast will want to be without. Grove Press ISBN: The Stooges' inclusion in Kliph's history can be found over 5 pages, primarily restricted to discussions of Ted Healy and Milton Berle. Unfortunately, some of the references go to information that is known to be inaccurate or untrue, e.

Starting with the vaudeville circuit at the turn of the last century, Nesteroff introduces the first stand-up comedian—an the three stooges biography book who abandoned physical shtick for straight jokes. In the s, the late-night talk show brought stand-up to a wide public, while Lenny Bruce, Mort Sahl, and Jonathan Winters attacked conformity and staged a comedy rebellion in coffeehouses.

Citadel Press In Print? Shemp Howard and Joe Besser receive chapters in this tribute to familiar, beloved supporting actors. Whether they played cops Edgar Kennedysociety dowagers Margaret Dumontprissy sales clerks Franklin Pangborncrusty valets Eric Bloreor full-time drunks Jack Nortonthese 2nd bananas would set themselves up for a fall so that the leads could get even louder laughs. Then there were the sidekicks: Allen Jenkins and Frank McHugh for James Cagney, Una O'Connor who offered a laugh break in Boris Karloff's "Frankenstein" films, and Thurston Hall who played indignant fathers and bankers for the the threes stooges biography book of Bette Davis and Loretta Young.

These supporting players, along with more than a hundred-and-fifty others, were invaluable to the success of both the movies and the actors with whom they appeared. They live on here again in words and photographs. Comedy III Productions Inc In Print? The Three Stooges are the greatest comedy team of all time. Their great body of work spanned almost forty years and includes over films. This book pays tribute to the great comedy genius of The Three Stooges with a detailed study and analysis of all of their films.

This is the definitive source book from respected Stooge expert Professor Jon Solomon. This is a one of a kind book. The page book presents all of the film work of The Three Stooges from their beginning in to their last in Each film is meticulously analyzed and added to the chapters are anecdotes and information regarding the film itself, the supporting players, directors and producers.

There is no book quite like this. It is a Stooge fans dream, but it is also informative and quite entertaining for non-stooge fans who are interested in entertainment. Monograph Publishers In Print? The author uses a series of essays to chart his transition from liberalism to conservatism, including a review of THE THREE STOOGES MEET HERCULES Martin's Press ISBN: The Three Stooges receive a 4-page chapter examining the release of the shorts to television, plus a brief history of the comedy team, mini-bios of all six, favorite quotes, names, gags, Stooge-violence and trivia.

Here's the book you've been waiting for to fill those idle moments while you're waiting for THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW, STAR TREK or GET SMART to come on the air. Cult TV includes the unknown tales of the shows' origins, the truth about how the stars got their roles and where they are nowimportant episodes, fan club information, and more trivia than even the most crazed connoisseur of repeat viewing could ever need! Here, in one volume, is more than you've ever dreamed of knowing about Hymie the Robot, the Batmobile, Dr.

Miguelito Loveless, Super Chicken, Barney Fife, and the rest of the weird and wonderful features immortalized in over 75 cult television programs! Cult TV will whisk you right back to Rerun Heaven! Yes, now you can the three stooges biography book FOREVER with Rob and Laura, Batman and Robin, Gomez and Morticia, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Darrin and Samantha! Moe's daughter Joan explores a loving biography of her Uncle Jerome Curly Howard.

A personal history of Curly, rather than a professional one, Joan visited numerous the threes stooges biography book and Curly-in-laws to examine and understand the extremely private and introverted man. The youngest Howard the three stooges biography book, who became an extroverted and hilariously energetic comic in front of the camera. Her Uncle Curly, whose personal issues led to a debilitating illness and early death.

Curly's two daughters met each other for the first time in at a Three Stooges Convention in Philadelphia, largely due to the the threes stooges biography book made for this book. A family affair for the Howards, and a love affair for fans of Curly Howard of The Three Stooges. Several reissues of a softcover version were printed from - early s, with no editorial changes from its initial publication.

the three stooges biography book

Chicago Review Press In Print? Mastroianni Ediciones ISBN: Comprehensive and detailed synopsis on the first 97 Three Stooges shorts with Curly, in 14 chapters. It contains plot, supporting players, screenwriter, director and release date; along with curiousities, data, errors and song lyrics. The book concludes with a Bibliography. Among their legacy is an amazing short subjects which they starred in from to for Columbia Pictures. Naturally, the Stooges can't testify without causing a riot A Stooges Film Story Book" tells the movie story, from the beginning to end, with photos and text.

To tell the story, more than 60 never-before-published, high quality images taken directly from the the three stooges biography book are used. Each page captures the humor and essence of this long-time favorite of Stooges fans. Greenwood Publishing Group ISBN: The extensive research book includes a 2-page entry for Ted Healy, and a 1-page entry for Fred Sanborn.

This book is the first attempt to provide an encyclopedic guide to vaudeville. Included are entries not only on the performers, but also on individuals active behind the scenes in various administrative capacities, major theatres, genres, historical terms, vaudeville houses in individual cities, and much, much more.

In addition to biographical data, entries on vaudevillians may include contemporary criticism, a sampling of an act's various routines, commentary by the performers, and an appraisal of the performer's place in vaudeville the three stooges biography book.

Bibliographies for entries are included where appropriate, and the volume concludes with a guide to vaudeville resources and a general bibliography. Opening with a career overview of Mickey Rooney, the author mentions an early live appearance by the child actor in Cleveland OH at the RKO Palace The book's the three stooges biography book of Rooney's key films includes a chapter on LOVE IS A HEADACHEcostarring Ted Healy. Also featured is a chapter for IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD WORLDwhich included a gag cameo by The Three Stooges.

Mickey Rooney was not just a movie star, he was the most popular film performer for several years in a row in the s. In addition to his four Academy Award nominations, Rooney received two special Oscars, including an honorary award for his variety of memorable performances spanning several decades. An actor of rare talent and unrestrained exuberance, Rooney appeared so often on film that it probably is impossible to view every performance of his career—one that lasted longer than any other actor in Hollywood.

Daniel Volk In Print? Or slept in a the three stooges biography book bunk bed? What were the names of their racehorses? Their wives and girlfriends? In what short did they sing the song "We Just Droppped in to Say Hello"? It's all here and more, The Films of the Stooges: Geoff Dale In Print? While known for his comedic skills, few realized that he was a very good amateur boxer and a talented violinist who appeared destined for classical circles. This book, with some facts along with real people and incidents, is largely fiction.

It is a 'what if" account of what might happened to his life had he chosen a different career path. It covers his life from the early the threes stooges biography book in the Jewish Quarter of South Philadelphia as Louis Feinberg, through the early part of the 20th Century, into the Roaring Twenties and up until the month before the global Great Depression hit.

It is an affectionate, humorous and hopefully touching look at Larry Fine - a little truth buoyed by a lot of fiction. He was a true Renaissance Man of his times. Available as a Kindle. Strickland, and applying and exaggerating it to many unproven and false myths in Hollywood When MGM stars found themselves in trouble, it was Eddie and Howard who took the three stooges biography book of them -- solved their problems, hid their the threes stooges biography book, and kept their secrets.

They were " The Fixers. Through a complex web of contacts in every arena, from reporters and the threes stooges biography book to corrupt police and district attorneys, they covered up some of the most notorious crimes and scandals in Hollywood history, keeping stars out of jail and, more importantly, their names out of the papers.

They handled problems as diverse as the murder of Paul Bern husband of MGM's biggest star, Jean Harlowthe studio-directed drug addictions of Judy Garland, the murder of Ted Healy creator of The Three Stooges at the hands of Wallace Beery, and arranging for an unmarried Loretta Young to adopt her own child -- a child fathered by a married Clark Gable.

Through exhaustive research and interviews with contemporaries, this is the never-before-told story of Eddie Mannix and Howard Strickling. The dual biography describes how a mob-related New Jersey laborer and the quiet son of a grocer became the most powerful men at the biggest studio in the world.

Screen images from W. Fields' films are combined with captioned dialogue to recreate many of his classic comedy routines. Shemp Howard appears on several pages, as the book recreates "Black Pussy Cafe" scenes from THE BANK DICK Two variant covers appeared on the hardcover edition Printed in a softbound edition in by Avon Books. Bear Manor Media ISBN: The author's meetings and conversations with Moe Howard provide readers with an page chapter on The Three Stooges, focusing on Moe Howard's role in that classic comedy team.

Dozens of encounters, each based on a one-on-one interview, some dating as far back as the s, recalled by John Stanley, for thirty-three years an entertainment writer for the San Francisco Chronicle's Dateook. Stanley specialized in the three stooges biography book moments with stars and up-and-coming stars, searching for how and why they had succeeded or were trying to succeed with comedy in the worlds of night clubs, television, and motion pictures.

Enter the lives of such historic show biz personalities as: Unfortunately, his personal taste takes over as he discusses why they shouldn't be funny.

A brief overview of their history from Healy thru the s is also included. What the threes stooges biography book you laugh? A pie in the face? The great funny men of films have different ways of making us laugh. Here is a survey of humor in the movies, from the slapstick comedy of the Keystone Kops, to the goofy comedy of Jerry Lewis and the zaniness of Woody Allen.

This book reveals the props and camera tricks that helped create humorous special effects. And it gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the costuming, makeup, the three stooges biography book and wit of the Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin, the Little Rascals, W.

Fields, Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello and many more. The challenge to comedians has always been to adapt familiar material in a way that emphasizes their personal style and outlook. The many routines and gags cited in this illustrated history are lovingly deconstructed to the three stooges biography book how they have been shaped to suit different eras and performers. These tried and true laugh-provokers are indestructible.

Through all the remakes, revivals, recycles and revamps, they have survived robustly to the present day. As these timeless comedy gems are traced to their beginnings and followed through the years, readers are taken on a mirthful journey from Keystone to Zombieland. Arlington House In Print? Although not a the three stooges biography book fan of the boys, Parish is respectful and objectively discusses their contributions and legacy to movie comedy.

They could be pompous or scatterbrained. What they all shared in common was a genius for making funny faces at life. They made us laugh at our world, and ourselves. They are The Hollywood Funsters: Their ranks include Charles Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Lucille Ball, Milton Berle, Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Phyllis Diller, Woody Allen, Jimmy Durante, The Three Stooges, and dozens more.

Now the funniest men and women the world has ever known have a reference volume worthy of their outsized talents. Working while screenwriting was still in its infancy, Bruckman helped shape many influential shorts and films, developed the gags that made them legendary, and eventually became a director himself. Editorial Dunken ISBN: A Spanish biography on The Three Stooges in 7 chapters. It also includes a Stooges Anthology with the three stooges biography book gags from the Curly shorts, a Filmography and a Bibliography.

Since the birth of motion pictures, audiences around the world have looked to the great movie comedians for the welcome laughter and the comic view of life their films provide. Today a new generation is discovering the same films that made people laugh forty, fifty, even sixty years ago, learning that great comedy is timeless. Now film historian Leonard Maltin, whose earlier subjects have ranged from Walt Disney to Our Gang, provides fascinating new insights to the great movie comedians His cogent essays are spiced with memorable incidents from the films and fresh anecdotes and observations on their creation.

Each critique is accompanied by an exhaustive filmography and a gallery of rare photographs, many of which have never appeared in print before. Mabel Normand, the screen's first great comedienne; Charley Chase, comedy's unsung hero; Raymond Griffith, the comedian's comedian; the scandal-plagued Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle; and Will Rogers, whose reputation as a homespun philosopher has tended to obscure his long and interesting film career.

From the sound era Maltin takes a look at such luminaries as W. Fields, Mae West, The Marx Brothers, Joe E. Here too are the great movie comedians of our own time: Jerry Lewis, who almost single-handedly carried the banner of film comedy through the s, when television drained the the three stooges biography book of comic talent; and Woody Allen, the movies' latest comedy superstar who, in the tradition of the earlier comedians, writes and directs as well as stars in his own films.

Perhaps more than anything else, The Great Movie Comedians points up the continuity in screen comedy, the progression that has nurtured new ideas and welcomed individual talents, while building upon the foundations of the past. This fresh, thoughtful, and appreciative look at the great funny men of the last half century will be of immense interest to all film buffs.

Bonanza Books In Print? The Three Stooges and tsholofelo molefe biography Columbia Pictures shorts are prominently featured, with a full chapter, in this necessary reference tool for any serious film historian and fan. But this book brings that exciting era alive again in an informative and nostalgic look at the great short subjects of the s and s [and s] the wonderful "Our Gang" comedies, Robert Benchley's tongue-in-cheek lectures, the bedroom farces of Leon Errol, the fascinating exposes of "Crime Does Not Pay" and many, many more.

Fields, Buster Keaton, Harry Langdon, Ruth Etting. And the field created its own stars as well: Edgar Kennedy, Andy Clyde, Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly, John Nesbitt, Pete Smith and Charley Chase. They're all here, in pictures and words, as Leonard Maltin tells the story of these dedicated people who did more with ten or twenty minutes on the screen than many people could do with ninety.

The Great Movies Shorts is an invaluable reference work with complete data cast, director, release date, studio, synopsis of over 1, short subjects in large part, material that has never appeared in print. With the proliferation of talent in front of and behind the camera, these filmographies will be of great use to film scholars, students and buffs.

From slapstick to newsreels, from musicals to travelogues, The Great Movie Shorts tells the whole story of a bygone era of moviemaking that grows more fascinating with every passing year. But the history of Columbia remains interesting, and the book presents a detailed history of their home studio's history and heritage.

DEEDS GOES TO TOWN and LOST HORIZON; and recent influential movies like FIVE EASY PIECES and EASY RIDER that have sparked new film trends. Whether recalling the origins of Columbia, or analyzing the special magic of Oscar winners like ALL THE KING'S MEN, this anniversary volume is a profusely illustrated blend of nostalgia, movie lore and witty reporting.

With 12 appendices, including an alphabetical listing of more than Columbia movies. Public Affairs Books In Print? The Three Stooges are discussed several times, covering An incomplete listings of names makes the point The Marx Brothers, Jack Benny, Fanny Brice, George Burns, Milton Berle, Jackie Mason, Joan Rivers, Rodney Dangerfield, Sid Caesar, Mel Brooks, Alan King, Mort Sahl, Buddy Hackett, Woody Allen, Lenny Bruce, Andy Kaufman, Richard Belzer, Jerry Seinfeld.

These men and women, among others, form the canon of Jewish American comedy, and in The Haunted Smile Epstein offers us a deep and subtle understanding of how Jewish culture and American openness gave birth to a new style of entertainment. University Press of Mississippi ISBN: The Three Stooges receive mention throughout the book, as it examines all the shows and hosts that screened their short subjects during the late s - early s heyday of local children's programming.

Notably, the hosts that costarred in THE OUTLAWS IS COMING! Whiskers, those television celebrities who hammed it up between cartoons and contests during local kids' shows? In Hi There, Boys and Girls! America's Local Children's TV Programs, Tim Hollis tracks down the story of every known local children's TV show from markets across the United States. There have been many books about children's television on the networks, and such shows as CAPTAIN KANGAROO, HOWDY DOODY, and SESAME STREET are legends in broadcasting.

However, jawaharlal nehru biography short local branch of children's programming has received much less attention. Includes a capsule history of this programming from the earliest days of radio to the early s, when a combination of social changes and broadcast regulations sent most of the hosts into retirement.

Walt Disney once observed that while there is very little adult in a child, there is a lot of child in every adult. This book will bring back a flood of long-submerged memories for anyone who was a child during this golden the three stooges biography book. Pegasus Books In Print?

Unfortunately, the book's Stooges-related chapter involves the mystery of Ted Healy's death and buys into the untrue accounts alleged against Wallace Beery. Top billing should go to Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch story, "Suicide Run," and to Lee Goldberg's "Jack Webb's Star;" the former for the detection and the latter for biggest laughs.

Other highlights include Max Allan Collins and Matthew V. Clemens's reinvention of one of the Three Stooges, Moe Howard, as a detective in their clever "Murderlized," about the death of the Stooges' mentor, vaudevillian Ted Healy. Levinson delivers a wicked portrait of gossip columnist Hedda Hopper in "And the Winner Is Reissued in paperbook and Kindle formats in by publisher Perfect Crime Books. Popular Library In Print?

Now at last we have the inside story of that wild, wonderful, whacky era, by the men and women who made so many unforgettable celluloid dreams come truer than life on the screen. Here are the laughter and tears, the successes and scandals, the great stars and the little known key figures. Dial Books ISBN: Children's book series ages 5 - 8. The book's life of Lucille Ball includes a 2-page spread covering her THREE LITTLE PIGSKINS work with The Three Stooges.

Each book focuses on a particular character trait that made that role model heroic. For example, Lucille Ball could make any situation funny. By making people around the world laugh, she proved that humor can take on anything. Reissued edition of "Moe Howard and the Three Stooges. A new foreword by Joan Howard Maurer. In chapter 3, "I'm a Baaaad Boy!

But he was not born fully formed--it took the shifting social norms of decades to mold the atrocious behavior of the puerile buffoon we know today. The man-child has come under scrutiny in recent years. Prominent writers, including David Denby and A. Scott, have criticized the modern comedian behaving in shamelessly childish ways.

This book provides a comprehensive examination of the character of the man-child, from Andre Deed, who debuted on screen into Seth Rogen. The author discusses changing cultural attitudes about maturity, what it means to be an adult, what it means to be a child and how those things are becoming increasingly confused.

Fradon Publishers In Print? A collection of photographs the three stooges biography book short biographies of famous personalities, associated with or from Brooklyn. The page collection of Brooklynites, from performing artists to sports figures, is extensive and impressive. Among the entries, the Horwitz brothers are featured.

Simon and Schuster In Print? Mike Douglas' parade of celebrity recollections includes two pages praising the the three stooges biography book and enthusiasm of Moe Howard. In a style that is as breezy, witty and intimate as the conversations that made his show so delightful, Mike delivers delicious, and occasionally mischievous, anecdotes about the exciting personalities who made his show so much fun.

The list of guests and cohosts the three stooges biography book like a virtual "who's who" of American and international celebrities. Comprehensive data are provided for each of the films, with cast and production credits, studio, release date, and running time. Lewis's own reflections on his work are included for many of the entries.

Lyle Stuart ISBN: The Three Stooges receive three pages discussing the team's history. Joe Franklin's Encyclopedia of Comedians is a wonderful collection of biographical sketches of the comedians, as well as many of the routines that made them famous. Joe Franklin's Encyclopedia of Comedians is a book for all the threes stooges biography book - for those who merely wish for a vastly entertaining reading, as well as for those who wish to rekindle memories and laugh again with the comedy stars of the past, or chuckle at emerging comedians of the present.

It will inform and delight anyone who appreciates the humor such gifted comedians possess. Scant-to-zero mention is made of the short subjects department and The Three Stooges. However, the book is a detailed and fascinating look at the life of Columbia chief Harry Cohn. Amazon review by Scott MacGillivray re: Since its original publication, anonymous sources have come forward and new facts and anecdotes have been incorporated.

The brusque, outspoken Cohn appears to have been only concerned with Columbia's most important productions, and Thomas's text reflects this bias. If you're looking for details about Columbia's bread-and-butter product, including its popular "B" pictures, westerns, short subjects, serials, and cartoons, you won't find anything here, and even some of the studio's "A" pictures receive only passing mention. Thomas keeps the spotlight on the colorful Cohn, with some incredible stories and quotes.

A great read for the three stooges biography book buffs. Last Gasp of San Francisco In Print? Unfortunately, many accounts not witnessed by Feinberg are portrayed inaccurately by the behind-the-scenes writer s.

For example, Feinberg's typewritten manuscript covering the Healy years is 7 pgs. Morris 'Moe' Feinberg, Larry's younger brother, sifts through 80 years of rich memories and tells true stories from Larry's career, such as:. The paperback version was re-released in One extra page was added to an appendix, and several new pictures appear throughout the book's text; otherwise, it is the same as the softcover release.

Contemporary Books In Print? It's finally time for us to acknowledge the enormous debt we owe to the universal genius of The Three Stooges. To honor the great figures of the twentieth century Yes, the time has come to expose the horrendous coverup that has labeled the Stooges merely players, not innovators. The time has come to give Curly, Larry and Moe their rightful position in all our history books. The time has come to reveal what we all have somehow always senses And this book does it.

Who but the Stooges first came up with the idea of bumbling plumbers so inept they could tape the Watergate doorlock backwards Oh, that copycat Nixon. Who but the Stooges could have translated Freud to the masses, spreading his gospel through living example, personifying the wacky id Curly, of coursethe middle-of-the-road ego that Larryand the ever-restraining superego oh, that Moe!

Could we truly understand the great Freud's theories without the Stooges? Where did the Beatles get those haircuts?

It's all here, scientifically proven. Bramhall House In Print? The Three Stooges receive scant mention, mostly for their longevity, and are represented by a HOOFS AND GOOFS studio still with Moe, Larry and Joe.

The book was a publication, and recognizes this version as the current Three Stooges lineup. From Thomas Wignell, the first American comedian, who made George Washington laugh, to Sid Caesar of the TV age, America has evolved its own special brand of humor - a humor that lets us laugh at ourselves, which exploits our self-consciousness.

The Laugh Makers examines this tradition, identifies it, and presents the men and the media which have shaped it.

Fields, Ed Wynn, Bobby Clark, Harold Lloyd, Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Fred Allen and Jimmy Durante, and over fabulous pictures show them as they were - caught in the middle of their acts. In a broad, panoramic sweep, The Laugh Makers presents this history, and gives an intimate close-up of the greats of American comedy, and of the comedy itself that has made these names national institutions.

Updates expanded it to pages, but the Stooges' segment remained untouched. Gallery Books ISBN: Rooney's lifetime career intersected with Ted Healy and The Three Stooges on several occasions, most notably when Mick was still known as 'Mickey McGuire' and he shared a live appearance the three stooges biography book with Ted Healy, Moe, Larry and Curly, August 27, in Cleveland OH. That appearance was Curly Howard's debut as a member of Healy's act!

They were mine to have. Ava [Gardner] was the best. I screwed up my life. I pissed away millions. I was 1, the biggest star in the world. He acted in his final motion picture just weeks before he died at age ninety-three. He was an iconic presence in movies, the poster boy for American youth in the idyllic small-town s.

Yet, by World War II, Mickey Rooney had become frozen in time. A perpetual teenager in an aging body, he was an anachronism by the time he hit his forties. His child-star status haunted him as the gilded safety net of Hollywood fell away, and he was forced to find support anywhere he could, including affairs with beautiful women, multiple marriages, alcohol, and drugs.

Lertzman and William J. Woodstock Arts ISBN: Wilna Hervey and Nan Masonby noted silent film historian Joseph P. Eckhardt, is by turns a rollicking dual biography and a sweet love story. Wilna Hervey—a six-foot-three-inch, three-hundred-pound heiress—won the role of "The Powerful Katrinka" in the Toonerville Trolley comedies of the early nineteen-twenties through her impressive size. Her evocation of Katrinka was so successful that it became a permanent part of her identity.

Wilna's movie work brought her something else that would long endure—a partner for life. While filming on location in the Philadelphia suburbs, Wilna Hervey met Nan Mason, the surprisingly tall daughter of her Toonerville co-star, Dan Mason. Wilna and Nan became close friends and ultimately life partners.

Actress Kathryn Leigh Scott DARK SHADOWS' "Maggie Evans" and "Josette Collins" collects a 2nd volume of hundreds of lobby cards, in this coffee-table hardcover treasury, focusing on Hollywood comedies of - Arcadia Publishing In Print? The Three Stooges are seen in a section devoted to Bronson Canyon, where some of HAVE ROCKET -- WILL TRAVEL was the three stooges biography book.

As early asfilmmakers migrated west to avoid lengthy eastern winters. In Los Angeles, they discovered an ideal world of abundant and diverse locales, blessed with a mild and sunny climate ideal for filming.

Location Filming in Los Angeles provides a historic view of the diversity of locations that supplied the backdrop for Hollywood's greatest films, from the silent era to the modern age.

Shemp Howard and Joe Besser are discussed in passages related to AFRICA SCREAMS and radio's and television's THE ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW. He started out on the burlesque circuit, where he met Bud Abbott, graduated to night clubs, then to radio, and finally made the big jump to movies and international stardom. Filled with fascinating interviews with those who knew Costello throughout his life, punctuated with excerpts from some of Abbott and Costello's funniest acts, Lou's on First is a lively and intimate portrait of one of America's great comic geniuses and a sparkling the three stooges biography book of Hollywood in its heyday.

Chris Costello reveals the family side of things with grace and wit and brings her father to life as the engaging clown and reluctant adult whom the whole world loved. Superior Promotions In Print? Booklet, published in conjunction with the video of LOVE THOSE STOOGES, a retitled re-release of 50 YEARS WITH THE FUNNIEST GUYS IN THE WORLD It features trivia questions about the Stooges and their the threes stooges biography book, and a Columbia short subject filmography.

PAJ Publications In Print? The author's 10 pg. Stooges chapter is a nonsensical and indecipherable mess, relating the boys' antics in a the threes stooges biography book room, reading a pin-up magazine in church, painting in the Wall Street Exchange and infiltrating the SS. In a world play-acting at the edge of insanity, Madonna looks at the masks of power and pleasure created in this age.

Twelve Books In Print? Authors Laurence Maslon and Michael Kantor draw on countless sources to chronicle the past century of American comedy and the geniuses who created and performed it-melding biography, American history, and a lotta laughs into an exuberant, important book.

Each of the six chapters focuses a different style or archetype of comedy, from the slapstick pratfalls of Buster Keaton and Lucille Ball through the wiseguy put-downs of Groucho Marx and Larry David, to the incendiary bombshells of Mae West and Richard Pryor.

And at every turn the significance of these comedians-smashing the three stooges biography book boundaries, challenging the definition of good taste, speaking the truth to the powerful-is vividly tangible. MAKE 'EM LAUGH is more than a compendium of American comic genius; it is a the three stooges biography book onto the way comedy both reflects the world and changes it-one the three stooges biography book at a time.

Starting from the groundbreaking PBS series, the authors have gone deeper into the works and lives of America's the three stooges biography book comic artists, with biographical portraits, archival materials, cultural overviews, and rare photos. Brilliantly illustrated, with insights and jokes from comedians, writers and producers, along with film, radio, television, and theater historians, MAKE 'EM LAUGH is an indispensable, definitive book about comedy in America.

In addition to Joe's legendary decades-long work at DC Comics, and acclaimed art school in Dover NJ, the book extensively covers the publishing partnership of Kubert and Norman Maurer. It includes many Stooge-related stories of those years, including production of Three Stooges comic books for St.

John Publications, meeting Moe, attending Joan and Norm's wedding, and establishing the Kubert School's Norman Maurer scholarship. Recollections by Joan Howard Maurer are included. Bear Manor Media In Print?

She was among the most talented of young comediennes of her era, and had she not died tragically at such a young age, on the very the three stooges biography book of top stardom, would have been among the names most highly remembered these years later, as the equal of such silver-screen luminaries as Jean Harlow, Betty Hutton, Martha Raye, and the the threes stooges biography book who achieved their own fame in that "Golden Age" of stage and cinema.

Ted Healy receives an the three stooges biography book mention in this Mayer biography, relating a public run-in he had with Louis B. Mayer while entertaining at a studio dinner dance during the production of SAN FRANCISCO. The author contends that, as a result of the incident, Ted suffered major stress syndromes for the last two years of his life although that is not a documented outcome.

All owed their careers to mogul Louis B. Mayer, the brilliant, mercurial chief of perhaps the greatest the three stooges biography book studio of all time. Now bestselling biographer Charles Higham fully reveals the character and genius of this complex "merchant of dreams.

Higham follows Mayer from his birth in a ghetto in the Ukraine, to his poor if idyllic boyhood in Canada, to his entry into show business via vaudeville. He details Mayer's precarious early years as a pioneer in silent films, his move to Hollywood and his commitment to talking pictures Garbo Talks! And there is the personal side: Selznickwho became a successful theatrical producer, and Edith Mrs. William Goetzone of Hollywood's legendary hostesses, and his own romantic involvements. With the first-time cooperation of Mayer's family and surviving the threes stooges biography book, Higham weaves a gripping account of the public successes and private agonies of the man who personified the Hollywood the three stooges biography book.

The University Press of Kentucky In Print? Legend paints Harry Cohn as an ogre, perhaps the most hated man in Hollywood.

Author Bernard Dick's book provides a more level assessment, of a man who was the three stooges biography book, sometimes feared, and yet always respected. He ran Columbia with an iron fist, and his method created and maintained a successful movie studio, transforming it from its poverty-row beginnings, to one of Hollywood's finest. If you are looking for a pure biography, be prepared to read more about the business of Columbia, and Cohn the businessman.

The Three Stooges, and short subjects, barely receive a mention, limited to a few paragraphs. However, that is more than several other Columbia Studios histories over the years. But the history of MGM remains fascinating, and the book presents a detailed history of the studio's history and heritage. From the book jacket Enter the gates of the MGM Studio, and relive the glamour and nostalgia from - Meet the stars and learn the details of their careers. Meet the producers and directors, writers and photographers that donned the MGM set.

The author has drawn on his 38 years at MGM to amass the history, the legends, and the inside stories. Finally there are many previously unpublished stills among the vast collection.

Here is Hollywood at your fingertips. Public Affairs In Print? Here for the first time, the complete story of America's comedy teams, revisiting some of their best-loved routines, revealing the personal stories that lay the three stooges biography book them, and showing how the comedians shaped and were shaped by their eras. From the rollicking twenties, to the threadbare thirties, on into the war years, and all the way through the social turmoil of the latter half of the century, Americans counted on the great comedy teams to respond to events, to make them laugh, and to show that though times might get tough, friendships and humor could always help you through.

From 19th century vaudeville to the stars of silent movies, radio and sitcoms Comedy was the antidote to whatever was the problem: This does not detract from the importance of this book, but some passages do require the proverbial "grain of salt. And their popularity, which zoomed and slipped and then zoomed again over four decades, is today undergoing a startling resurgence not only on television but in the three stooges biography book screenings all over the country.

This book tells the story of The Three Stooges as remembered by Moe Howard, the chief stooge and mentor of the trio as long as it existed. As boss of the team, with his bowl-shaped haircut and manic rages, Moe was a one-man laugh factory. Here he remembers his more than half-century in show business The Stooges did not invent slapstick but they certainly established such the threes stooges biography book of American humor as cream pies in the face, pratfalls on banana peels, the three stooges biography book, and the fast slap across two faces.

It is all here in Moe Howard's reminiscences The Stooges starred in more than 70 short films. In many of them inventiveness was stretched to the utmost, since often the studio did not bother to furnish a plot but merely allowed the imagination of the stars to develop the pratfalls and mayhem constituting the action. For this book Mr. Howard's family made available family albums containing thousands of photographs. From this wealth of material we have selected hundreds of illustrations pictures showing the Stooges in action in every phase of their career.

Over the decades Moe Howard and Larry Fine continued with the act, though the middle stooge role was assumed at various the threes stooges biography book by Shemp and Curly Howard, Joe Besser and Joe DeRita. Moe Howard and The Three Stooges revives a concept that has somehow almost become lost in recent years: See Hardcover version's entry for description.

The softcover version has been reissued several times since Reissues contained no editorial revisions, and the front cover image remained the same. Xlibris In Print? Of interest only to the Stooges bibliography completist. Go to Hell, and see it as a tourist. Get lured into a pie-throwing cult.

Peek backstage at the Second Coming. Encounter talking pigs, a tongue-twisting poet, levitating patients, militant tots and a song-and-dance act that's its own show-stopper. The misadventures just keep coming. Part fantasy, part satire, this collection of short fiction is totally bent. The last surviving member d. His career encompassed vaudeville, the USO, radio, records, television and film. Never a star name, but always a professional, and always entertaining.

Mousie's story of a lifetime spent in the entertainment business is found in this highly recommended book. Film historian James Neibaur presents historical and critical studies on film comedians. The Three Stooges are among the comedians highlighted with their own chapter.

The entire evolution of the movie comedians will be examined, with each of the important links acknowledged for their contributions. Their styles, techniques, creations, discoveries, experiments and films will be analyzed to show their merits as contributors to the most important and most popular of all forms of communication.

Signet Books In Print? You made them immortal Their names evoke a Golden Age of movie comedy, an age of slapstick and vaudeville, pratfalls and puns. In the first complete book on these famous comic teams, critic-historian Leonard Maltin tells how they got together and why they broke up, reveals their private sorrows and public triumphs, and lovingly analyzes the high and low points of their film careers.

With a very personal introduction by veteran film comic Billy Gilbert. Plume In Print? Scarecrow Press In Print? Bernds made his reputation as a recording engineer during the early-talkie years, and was the number-one sound man at Columbia Pictures until he took on more creative duties.

This book chronicles Bernds' early years, from his first radio jobs through his successful association with director Frank Capra. Bernds was a stickler for accuracy, and drew upon his old diaries to confirm his excellent memory for facts and faces.

He was just as careful to spell things out for the reader, explaining a technical process or a business practice to amplify the point he was making. Bernds' attention to detail makes for good, solid reading. This writer was disappointed that the book stops when the author stopped working as a soundman. But it's understandable because Bernds, in his the three stooges biography book, would have written a mammoth volume if his entire career were to be discussed.

Joseph McBride recognizes the "missing" material by appending a more general interview with Bernds, conducted by McBride and Leonard Maltin. Film buffs and historians will enjoy Mr.

For those who want Bernds' observations and recollections of his Three Stooges years, read The Columbia Comedy Shorts by Ted Okuda and Edward Watz. Three Stooges Fan Club member Rich Sanner talks about growing up as a Stooges fan and shares his correspondence with Moe Howard. Here, a life-long Stooges fan tells what it was like growing up watching the Stooges during the 's, and shares the ultimate experience of becoming friends with Moe Howard, the "beetle-browed" leader of the famous slap-happy trio!

Hundreds of performers are covered, and Ted Healy is no exception. Several pages discuss Mr. Healy's contributions to vaudeville, and his connection to the Three Stooges. From the back cover. Starting from the lowest rung of show business, he soon conquered the the threes stooges biography book of vaudeville, Broadway and the silver screen.

Healy's biography also serves as the backstory to the rise of what became The Three Stooges act. He had an eagle eye in spotting and cultivating the talents of Shemp, Moe, Larry and Curly, who served their apprenticeship in his act off and on from to As "father" of the act, he took his stooges to Broadway and Hollywood. Healy is the tree around which some mighty acorns fell.

Healy died at age 41, four days after his only child was born in His passing quickly became one of the most notorious of Hollywood's celebrity death scandals. Was it foul play or natural causes? Author Bill Cassara, a retired law enforcement professional, explores all the the threes stooges biography book. Includes a richly detailed biography that draws from many never before seen sources, a Filmography, photos and illustrations, Index, and a Bibliography.

Excelsior Books In Print? Not Just a Stooge is the autobiography of comic Joe Besser, the sissy-talking member of The Three Stooges comedy team, who has been dishing out laughs in front of audiences for more than half a century. But "Not so f-a-s-t! And, for true Besser addicts, 75 rare photographs from the comedian's personal collection are also included. Contemporary Books ISBN: To celebrate the 50th anniversary of their very first film, here's the official scrapbook of the duo that made "Who," "What," and "I Don't Know" the most hilarious baseball-player names ever to be batted around on the silver screen.

Authors Stephen Cox and John Loftin have interviewed more than 50 of Bud Abbott's and Lou Costello's close friends, relatives, and coworkers to put together a scrapbook that features quotes and lively remembrances from family, friends, and celebrities, including Lucille Ball, Milton Berle, the Andrews Sisters and Mel Blanc.

Offering a complete filmography and packed with more than photos and illustrations many of which have never been seen beforeas well as the Boys' most famous routines. The Stooges are always cooking turkeys that squawk when carved, clams that bite, pies that fly through the air. It is the three stooges biography book to watch The Three Stooges without craving burned toast and a rotten egg, or a plate full of Curly's Woo-woo-woo-woo Chinese Fondue.

The Official Three Stooges Cookbook stirs together all that is delicious in Three Stooges films, the three stooges biography book.

Some recipes, such as those for Cackle Soup, Roast Stooge, and Filet of Sole and Heel, are actually prepared by the Stooges in their films. Others, such as Sloppy Moes, Porcupine Potatoes, and Curly Fries, are inspired by the Stooges' hilarious, and sometimes baffling, relationship to food. No matter which, every Stooge recipe is paired with a real recipe to create something delicious and fulfilling. In addition to more than 90 scrumptious recipes, discover the Ten Commandments of Stooge Cooking, find out Curly's weight it will surprise you!

Synthesizing all that is delightful and delicious in Three Stooges films, this cookbook contains 75 zany recipes inspired by the Stooges plus quotes and 60 original photos.

Hilarious and authoritative, The Official Three Stooges Encyclopedia is every Stooge fan's bible. Portraits in the book include Larry Fine, Moe Howard back coverPaul 'Mousie' Garner, Benny Rubin and Bud Abbott. Old Jewish Comedians traces a direct link not only to the traditions of vaudeville and burlesque but to the once-thriving international Yiddish theatre and culture. Featuring a fascinating historical introduction by none other than Leonard Maltin!

This is the latest Blab! Knightsbridge Publishing In Print? Newsstand paperback edition of Joe Besser's autobiography, originally titled Not Just a Stooge Roundtable Publishing In Print? Hardcover edition of Joe Besser's autobiography, previously published in under its original title of Not Just a Stooge. Released subsequent to Mr. Besser's passing in March Cumberland House Publishing In Print? Top-notch, quality, biography of Larry Fine, the middle stooge of the year entertainment comedy legacy known as The Three Stooges.

Based on Larry Fine's scrapbook and the three stooges biography book archives, courtesy of co-author Jim Terry, the book is thoroughly researched, and lovingly presented without pulling any punches.

Cumberland House took the authors' efforts, and packaged everything into a first-class publishing effort. By far, the best written and best presented Stooge book in print today. Author Steve Cox, who already has a long publishing resume filled with entertainment tributes to THE TONIGHT SHOW, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, and numerous TV sitcoms, has topped himself.

If you're a fan of The Three Stooges, this book is required reading and demands a place in your library. Self-published overview of the solo [Columbia] film careers of Shemp Howard, Joe Besser and Joe DeRita, plus Curly Howard's sole, solo MGM short. Spelling, typo and grammatical the threes stooges biography book abound; e. Not only does it chronicle the lives of four independent Stooges away from the team, it also has a humorous side created by the author.

A book filled with fact, fiction, shock and surprises! A book far away removed from the usual traditional Three Stooges norm of other books. So have an open mind and prepare yourself for a wild, slapsticky ride!

Plus extra bonus materials. The Three Stooges receive a chapter, with a career overview and a discussion of their film premiere with Ted Healy, SOUP TO NUTS But the reality of breaking into the movies is much chancier, and for the reader, a lot more entertaining. Bette Davis playing the good sister in BAD SISTERKevin Costner the three stooges biography book up in a soft-core porn drive-in special called SIZZLE BEACH U. Fernando amorsolo biography tagalog summary Point Press In Print?

The Three Stooges only receive a couple pages, but they present a rare insight into one of their early s personal the threes stooges biography book, and the author's love and respect for them warranted a picture on the cover of his autobiography. Cushman's early years as a publicist in the world of show business recount funny, poignant, and intimate anecdotes revealing the human side of celebrities in motion pictures, television, and nightclub entertainment.

He offers first hand vignettes about Jane Russell, Milton Berle, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. The author provides a front-row seat on his 50 year roller coaster ride in the public relations business. He established his public relations firm with a handful of small, local retail accounts, and grew his agency to provide PR services to a host of Fortune clients.

Cushman reveals how, through all the ups and downs, he maintained his personal "passion for the three stooges biography book. Andrews McMeel Publishing In Print? Featuring vintage black and white photos from The Three Stooges incredible archive and witty, original text for the trials kids put parents through, and words of thanks. Chapter 15 features an interview with Moe Howard's children, Paul Howard and Joan Howard Maurer.

Each the three stooges biography book and in one the three stooges biography book, grandchild talks about the joys and difficulties of growing up in the shadow of the Hollywood spotlight. While some were significantly influenced by their famous parents and chose a career in entertainment, others felt no attraction toward the glamour of Tinseltown fame.

Among the interviewees are the offspring of such major stars as Errol Flynn, Gary Cooper, Ingrid Bergman, Jimmy Stewart and Rosalind Russell, as well as such prominent supporting players as Jack Elam, Gene Lockhart, Billy Barty and Jesse White. Curtis Books In Print? This collection of profiles and interviews turns the spotlight on those unsung heroes, whose faces were often better known than their names. Looking for anecdotes about W. Fields or Clark Gable?

This book is for you. This well-illustrated e-book edition features a brand-new introduction by Leonard Maltin. Reissued in by Popular Library with new cover art. Palgrave Macmillan ISBN: Ted Healy is discussed on pgs. In this history of that theater, Clovis E. Semmes reveals the political, economic, and business realities of cultural production and the institutional inequalities that circumscribed black life.

Da Capo Press In Print? The book is also full of wonderful photos and stills from his films. My favorite parts of the book are the chapters that pertain to his career at his final comedy home, Columbia Studios, where he not only churned out some excellent comedies THE HECKLER, THE BIG SQUIRT, THE WRONG MISS WRIGHTbut directed [and wrote for] other two-reel comedy players of the day, most notably The Three Stooges [VIOLENT IS THE WORD FOR CURLY, TASSELS IN THE AIR, FLAT FOOT STOOGES, MUTTS TO YOU, SAVED BY THE BELLE].

Arcadia Publishing ISBN: The Three Stooges receive a few mentions in this pictorial entertainment history of Atlantic City's Steel Pier, including a picture of Moe mimicking Hitler, with vaudevillian George Mann, and a promotional ad of the team for an upcoming appearance.

Over the course of 80 years, from toSteel Pier developed from a quiet, genteel amusement that featured light classical music and cakewalks to a vast entertainment complex that offered movies, big-name vaudeville acts, exhibits, big bands, rock bands, and the Water Circus with its famed diving horse.

What makes this even more compelling is that one could spend the entire day on the pier and take all of this in for one small admission. Triumvirate Productions In Print? Early the three stooges biography book, formulative basis, of Forrester's later book The Three Stooges: Triumphs and Tragedies From the back cover Half a century ago these men name Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Shemp Howard walked out onto a vaudeville stage for the first time as an independent comedy ensemble.

Thus began the story of the most prolific comedy team of all time, The Three Stooges. And thus began a new era of the three stooges biography book. The Stooge Chronicles is the history of The Three Stooges, commemorating their golden anniversary as a the three stooges biography book team. It is the story of a show business legend Flaunt your nyuk knowledge! Here's a first a quizbook that's full of yucks whether you know the answers or not! The Stooge Fan's I.

Test contains an incredible collection of photos and facts that nobody's ever seen before! Ron Smith has uncovered the threes stooges biography book from long-forgotten files and created comic questions based on his own correspondence with the Stooges and their relatives.

The answers to more than Stooge stumpers are included in this zany book. With fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, matching, and true-false questions, find out if you're as smart as you thought. There are plenty of wild and wacky tidbits of Stooge lore to be learned.

There are even some pictures that are a sight for sorely poked eyes! So tease your brain till it nearly falls on the floor and revolves in a circle SPI Books ISBN: Book Daze Publishing ISBN: Loose the threes stooges biography book to The Three Stooges are basically comprised of events in the author's life, preceded by a brief introduction referencing a similar topic from one of their films.

For example, a three-page story about her childhood dentist is introduced with passing references to MUMMY'S DUMMIES and THE TOOTH WILL OUT StoogeMania includes hundreds of Stooges-related collectible items, from comic books to Shemp's own cufflinks, shown with photos, a handy price guide to help you measure your fortune, and the addresses to help you find even the most obscure Stooges memorabilia.

Want to join a Stooges fan club? StoogeMania tells you how. StoogeMania even takes you on a trip across the country, Stooges style!

the three stooges biography book

You'll find the lyrics, and dance steps, to "The Curly Shuffle," as well as the Anatomy of a Stooges fan. StoogeMania even uncovers a reprint of an authentic Stooges script, written years ago but never filmed! In the world of slapstick comedy, few are more beloved than the Three Stooges. Throughout their short films, they consistently delivered physical, verbal and situational comedy in new and creative ways. Following the trio from outer space to ancient Rome, this volume provides an in-depth look at their comedy and its impact on twentieth century art, culture and thought.

This analysis reveals new insights into the language, literary structure, politics, race, gender, ethnicity and even psychology of the classic shorts. It discusses the elements of surrealism within the Stooges films, exploring the many ways in which they created their own reality regardless of time and space. The portrayal of women and minorities and the role of the mistake in Stooges' works are also addressed. Moreover, the book examines the impact that the Columbia Studios style and the austerity of its Short Subjects Department had on the work of the Three Stooges, films that ironically have outlasted more costly and celebrated productions.

Here, finally, is the one-of-a-king book of little-known facts and figures, guaranteed to fascinate and inform even the most knowledgeable Stooge fan. The Stoogephile Trivia Book includes a complete filmography of all the Stooge films, with dates, directors, producers, plots and starring Stooges. You will find the answers to ever-so-provocative Stooge stumpers. This book is filled with crucial information you can toss around at the next swanky society party you're invited to, for as a rule of thumb: But then again, as the Stooges themselves proved time after time, rules were made to be broken That was certainly the case in the 's with surviving members of the Three Stooges comedy team.

Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly-Joe DeRita and Joe Besser routinely corresponded with their young admirers, invited them into their homes, and forged genuine friendships with them. Stooges Among Us is a record of these unique relationships told in the words of the fans themselves.

Also sharing their insights are Stooges' family members, colleagues and close personal friends. Leonard Maltin, the renowned film critic and historian, provides the foreword to this affectionate tribute. Containing never-before published photographs and interviews with the Stooges, this is a book that will be treasured by classic comedy fans of all ages.

Before the cable television and home video explosions, few knew of The Three Stooges beyond their Columbia short subjects. Much information is based on the authors' Chicago-based television viewing experiences. As a result, this book has become largely irrelevant today, other than as an interesting collectible. Regardless, in this book was a welcome and fascinating report of The Three Stooges' non-Columbia film credits.

Scarecrow Books In Print? The poems vary in style from low burlesque to high satire, and today, many of the poets in this book have become well-known in their field. Siena Publishing Company In Print? However, it was the first book about The Three Stooges, as told by one of the Stooges. Due to its self-published status and disappointing mail-order distribution, Stroke of Luck is a relatively rare collectible due to limited printings, and commands high prices in better conditions. Alan Young's recollection of his friend Joe Besser is included in chapter 8, On Stage Please!

Now it's Alan Young's time to go hoarse talking about the greats of radio and early television: Paul Whiteman, Tallulah Bankhead, Zero Mostel, George Burns, Jack Benny, Peter Lorre, Clifton Webb, Jane Russell, Mickey Rooney, Jane Powell, Elizabeth Taylor, Roddy McDowall, Red Skelton, Sonja Heinie, Dinah Shore, Bing Crosby Plus his classic the threes stooges biography book ANDROCLES AND THE LION, THE TIME MACHINE, voicing the classic Disney character Scrooge McDuck, and much more!

So, grab yourself a couple of willing goils or if you are of the the three stooges biography book gender, a couple of good looking guys like us. Then pick out a few games from this here book that have been poysunally selected by the three of us. Well, maybe 2 of us: Curly the three stooges biography book read so good. Your party is guaranteed to be successful and full of rambunctious fun. This book may not have too many namby pamby parlor games but it's full of raucous, sexy, sloppy boisterous ones that will bring the cops and keep up your neighbors.

Okay, knuckleheads, enough of the reading stupid introductions. Your guests are arriving soon, so pick out a few games to start with. The answer is The Three Stooges Book of Scripts Here is an invaluable memento for the collector of Stooges memorabilia that is totally different from anything published before now. This book presents three actual film scripts, complete with all the dialogue as well as all the 'business' thought up for the trio.

The three scripts YOU NAZTY SPY! Rounding out this unique concept are notes and sidelights about the filming of each script and biographical sketches of the stars, performers, writers, the threes stooges biography book, cameramen and editors. It includes the inventive advertising campaigns, a Stooges action flip book and a comic strip of the infamous "Niagara Falls" routine.

This treasure chest of Stoogemania includes hundreds of photographs not printed in other books. The the three stooges biography book for this decision was the same question asked by fans before she wrote The Three Stooges Book of Scripts [Volume I]: In this new book, Joan presents three more vintage film scripts with all the original, written dialogue intact.

Her script choices, RESTLESS KNIGHTS, WE WANT OUR MUMMY and YES, WE HAVE NO BONANZA are compatible with the three films in Volume IX of RCA-Columbia's Three Stooges video cassette, enabling fans and collectors alike to follow a Three Stooges script at the same time they watch the completed film on their television screens. Rounding out this unique format is a special, added chapter about the Columbia feature, THE THREE STOOGES MEET HERCULES, the most successful Stooges film in their half-century career.

The illustrations for the book are composed of both frame blow-ups from the films, and additional photos from Moe Howard's collection of 8x10 stills which have never been published in any of the previous Stooges books. Included are new biographical sketches on the stars, performers, writers, producers, cameramen and editors, as well as a chapter titled "More Respect," which contains the current highlights of the continual resurgence of these three fascinating comedians.

Running Press In Print? From the dust cover Their slapstick humor and physical farce have given generations of fans a million smiles and gut-busting guffaws. Now, they're back to give something more -- career advice. The Three Stooges offering career advice?

Who better than the Boys to impart scores of classic bits of working world wisdom for the recent grad or the longtim business man and woman? If you think about it, Moe, Larry and Curly may be the poster boys for the phrase "jack of all trades, master of none. Of course, but these comic gems are also peerlessly crafted and enthusiastically played by vaudeville veterans Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp, and Joe - arguably the most popular and long-lived screen comics ever produced by Hollywood.

Detailed production and critical coverage is provided for every short, plus information about each film's place in the Stooges' careers, in Hollywood genre filmmaking, and in the larger fabric of American culture. From Depression-era concerns to class warfare to World War II to the cold war to rock-and-roll - the Stooges reflected them all. Seventy-five stills, posters, and other images - many never before published in book form - bring colorful screen moments to life and help illuminate the special appeal of key shorts.

Exclusive sections include a Stooges biographical and career timeline; a useful, colorful history of the structure and behind-the-camera personnel of the Columbia two-reel unit; and personality sidebars about more than 30 popular players who worked frequently with the Stooges. Also included is a filmography that covers all shorts, plus a bibliography, making this the ultimate guide for all Three Stooges fans!

These legendary comics are illustrated in this hilarious collection of over 60 different golf cartoons in full color. In addition to the cartoons, a Three Stooges photo album along with five question and answer-trivia sections have been included. A sixth segment, "Match and Play," highlights some of the legendary golfers during the early Stooge era. With golf and The Three Stooges' popularity at an all-time high, this fun and informative spoof book would make the "Poifect" gift for the Golf'n Stooge.

These "Masters of Mishaps" go at it again in this hilarious the three stooges biography book of over 60 different golf cartoons in full color. In addition to the cartoons, nostalgic photos along with four question and answer-trivia sections have been included for your enjoyment. With golf and The Three Stooges popularity at an all-time high, this fun and informative spoof book would make the "Poifect" gift for the Golf'n Stooges.

Decades of subsequent information from Stooge family members, the authors themselves, and fan researchers have recorded appropriate corrections for history, but overall, The Three Stooges Scrapbook remains the definitive reference tool. Reissues contained no editorial revisions, other than a handful of updated filmography notations, and recognition of Joe Besser's death. Softcover editions through the s and early s retained the original hardcover jacket design; in the early s, the front cover was changed.

Revised edition of the perennial Three Stooges bible. The authors credit ThreeStooges. Mini-book abridgement of The Three Stooges Golf Spoof and Trivia Book The first segment is entitled "Name That Stooge" where you are asked to identify the correct Stooge to the question. The second section entitled "Two Reeler Trivia" explains some of the early history of the Stooges and insight into the importance of two-reelers, or "shorts" as they the three stooges biography book often called.

In their movies, the Stooges were accident prone. In real life, there were many accidents and near misses that happened behind the scenes. Real mishaps from the "Masters of Mishaps" are chronicled in this third section entitled "The Occupational Hazards of Being a Stooge. This intellectually challenging quiz will determine if you're a "wise guy" or a true moron Doubleday In Print?

A work-for-hire project by Variety columnist Fleming. Beyond the packaging, the book offers little more than already-known information. The Stooges are comedy icons whose enduring appeal and slapstick legacy have made them one of the most famous and beloved comedy troupes in the world. Michael Fleming's The Three Stooges is the first complete, authorized biography of the men who made pie fights part of our national cultural heritage. A juggernaut of wise guys, headlocks, and unforgettable insults, this book tells the whole history of the Stooges, starting with their origins in the golden the threes stooges biography book of vaudeville, when the boys from Brooklyn honed their craft.

Moe, Curly, and Shemp Howard were born Moses, Jerome, and Samuel Horwitz -- and were believed for many years to be the three least accomplished sons of their Lithuanian immigrant parents. Ultimately, of course, the Three Stooges reinvented the rules of slapstick comedy: Signed in by Columbia Pictures to a renewable contract that had them making at least nine short films a year, the Stooges learned firsthand about the sharks swimming through Hollywood's early waters.

And after nearly a quarter century of producing the short films for which the Stooges are so well known and loved, the studio declined to renew their contract inand the pioneering pie-throwing professionals lost their jobs.

From the Stooges' humble origins to movie stardom to comedy legends, there's something here for every level of fan--from folks who watched them on television as a kid to Stooge scholars and certified "knuckleheads. Broadway Books In Print? The Bethann hardison biography Stooges return in the new movie by the Farrelly brothers, starring Sean Hayes, Chris Diamantopoulos and Will Sasso as Larry, Moe, and Curly, but the insanity continues here in an all-new collection of comics by George Gladir, Jim Salicrup and Stan Goldberg!

That's what Tony Isabella from Comics Buyer's Guide said about the first Three Stooges graphic novel. The next book in the series can't come soon enough for me. Malibu Graphics In Print? Color reprint collection of selected Three Stooges comic book stories, originally published by Western Dell, Gold Key between - Art by Peter Alvarado, Sparky Moore and Joe Messerli.

Chelsea House Publishers In Print? Excerpt from the books's foreword by Leeza Gibbons Each book considers the extraordinary talent, the stubborn commitment, and the great personal sacrifice required to create work of enduring quality and influence in today's world. Lots of very good pictures, some rare, and a full index. This book would be excellent for older children because of its size.

Chelsea House Publisher In Print? Presenting stories from The Three Stooges comic books published in the s by St. John, and the s by Western Dell, Gold Key. Artwork by Norman Maurer, Pete Alvarado, Cecil Beard, Sparky Moore and Joe Messerli. Donaldson Books In Print? Unfortunately, the authors also chose to include dubious and fictionalized accounts to sensationalize their story, e. The following promotional blurb most particularly does not represent the view of this Bibliography's administrator.

What role did the Stooges' creator Ted Healy play in the mysterious death of comedienne Thelma Todd? Was Healy himself fatally beaten by a group of tough guys including Oscar-winning actor Wallace Beery and gangster Pat DiCicco during a nightclub brawl on Hollywood's Sunset Strip? What did Beery's boss, MGM president Louis B. Mayer, do to cover up the incident? And what was the connection between the New York Mafia, Columbia Pictures rajah Harry Cohn, and the Stooges themselves?

And just who were all 18 that's right, 18 of the men who played one of the Three Stooges throughout the team's rollercoaster career in show business? These and many other fascinating questions are addressed in this authors' look at the Most Popular Comedy Team of All Time. Santa Monica Press In Print? Hollywood Filming Locations documents the sites of the Stooges' most famous Columbia Pictures short films mad in and around Hollywood between and These famous and hilarious shorts are covered in detail through a wealth of archival photographs, many of which are rare and previously unpublished.

Also included are candid shots, contemporary photographs, aerial views, and maps detailing the various filming locations. Featuring exclusive quotes from The Three Stooges' directors, supporting actors, and family members, this collection is a treasure trove of memorabilia for the Stooges fan and an important document in Hollywood's cinematic history.

Children's text and picture book adaptation of The Three Stooges' A GEM OF A JAM Children's text and picture book adaptation of The Three Stooges' BUSY BUDDIES Children's text and picture book adaptation of The Three Stooges' DIZZY PILOTS Children's text and picture book adaptation of The Three Stooges' HOW HIGH IS UP?

Children's text and picture book adaptation of The Three Stooges' I CAN HARDLY WAIT Children's text and picture book adaptation of The Three Stooges' PHONY EXPRESS American Mythology ISBN: Collecting issue s 1 - 4 and ComicFest giveaway Halloween Hullababloo of American Mythology's "The Three Stooges" comic book series The Stooges influenced generations of comic book creators and now lifelong fans have a chance to contribute to their legacy with these new slapstick adventures.

Timeless comedy returns to comic books with new and classic stories to tickle your funny bone. CreateSpace In Print? In part 5 of her memoir, Margaret talks about working with Moe, Larry and Curly Joe. The book is divided into 6 parts so the author could keep track. It's a collection of the last 15 years' worth of Drew Friedman's illustrations, caricatures and portraits lampooning the rich, the famous, the infamous, and the never-will-be-famous.

No one is spared, no matter which side of the aisle he or she inhabits. Self-published filmography and overview of the Joe Besser and Joe DeRita years of The Three Stooges. The author's enthusiasm and good intentions for the subject matter are apparent, but the presentation is lacking and the book is not recommended. A filmography that chronologically reviews and analyzes in proper order the last 16 two reelers featuring Joe Besser, as well as the last 7 starring movies featuring Curly Joe DeRita.

A book that shows how these two Joes breathed a fresh new life into the last years of The Three Stooges. How a classic comedy team was nearly at the end of their ropes, and how two men helped to change all of that. The Two Joes kept the laughter from dying! Also available in Kindle. An earlier edition was titled simply Hello It's Joe and contained a smaller page count. Crown Publishers ISBN: But it was not always so. Also on the agenda at that time was a definitive cycle of horror films.

But Universal then went into a decline and, despite a temporary uplift following the arrival in of a bright new star called Deanna Durbin, mislaid for a decade or more the prestige it had fought so hard to gain. How Universal won, lost and eventually regained that prestige to become the great entertainment complex it is today is an enthralling story.

In the form of a year-by-year presentation of all the feature films, that story, spanning 70 fascinating years, is compellingly told in this handsome and lavishly illustrated book. Clive Hirschhorn tells this story with skill, wit and infectious enthusiasm. McFarland Publishing ISBN: The less memorable ones didn't. This book takes a look at the unsung songfests of the '30s--secondary or forgotten features with short-lived or unlikely stars from major the threes stooges biography book and Poverty Row.

Filmographies and production information are included, with background on key participants. Ted Healy is featured in a 5-page entry covering his life and career, including his work with the Stooges. The historical timeline for Ted and his Stooges is largely correct, but the author also buys into untrue the threes stooges biography book surrounding Ted's death.

You may not know the name, but you've seen him in countless Three Stooges comedies, usually playing the gruff authority figure. After years of working in the shadows of Moe, Larry, Curly and Shempas well as the great silent film comedian Harry Langdon, Vernon Dent is finally receiving the the three stooges biography book he deserves with this outstanding biography.

Written by Bill Cassara Edgar Kennedy: Master of the Slow Burn"Vernon Dent: Stooge Heavy" contains never-before-seen photographs and a massive filmography. Vernon's story is told with the respect it deserves; it is funny, touching, and true. Once the three stooges biography book, you'll never forget his name again.

Back cover illustration by Drew Friedman; foreword by Ed Watz "The Columbia Comedy Shorts". A comprehensive filmography of the Vitaphone short subject film library, including production data, cast, plots, and a brief history of the studio and revolutionary Vitaphone film sound technology.

Listed are the Brooklyn NY productions featuring late s Broadway the threes stooges biography book, musical novelties, and the studio's progression into comedy two-reelers starring Fatty Arbuckle, Gus Shy, Ben Blue, Edgar Bergen, Harry Gribbon, Roscoe Ates, Daphne Pollard A chapter featuring THE BANK DICKcostarring Shemp Howard, the threes stooges biography book a detail analysis of the film plus production information. A lobby card with Shemp is pictured. Fields was at the top among comedians during Hollywood's Golden Era of the s and s and has since remained a comic icon.

Despite his character's misanthropic, child-hating, alcoholic tendencies, his performances were enduringly popular and Fields became personally defined by them. This critical the three stooges biography book of his work provides commentary and background on each of his films, from the early silents through the cameos near the end of his life, with fresh appraisals of his well known classics.

Pictures once believed to be lost that have been discovered and restored are discussed, and new information is given on some that remain lost. Crescent Books In Print? Joan Howard Maurer's the three stooges biography book of this book was published in The Three Stooges Journal 83, Fall issue. Columbia University Press ISBN: The chapter "Assorted Lunacy Jenkins shows that these films reflect Hollywood's attempt to assimilate aspects of vaudeville practice into the formal and thematic conventions of the classical film narrative.

Illustrated with photographs, What Made Pistachio Nuts? Featuring a chapter on Joe Besser. In the nostalgia-crazy s, before the internet a nd home video, information on the actors and actresses from Late Show movies was scant, and sometimes non-existent. The general public only knew the supporting celebrities of television and film in terms of Relying on a staff of assistants and minimal editorial control, Lamparski's books were often filled with errors.

But in their time, were welcomed by fans who had no other source of the three stooges biography book on their favorite actors and actresses, and the books became bestsellers as a result. In the nostalgia-crazy s, before the internet and home video, information on the actors and the threes stooges biography book from Late Show movies was scant, and sometimes non-existent.

This 8th volume is a mix of past, updated entries from earlier volumes, as well as new chapters. The tribute to The Three Stooges is reprinted from Volume 4 The chapter for The Three Stooges is actually only write-ups for Joe Besser and Joe DeRita.

Lamparski appeared to promote this edition, and Moe Howard joined him as a surprise guest. This 4th volume featured an extremely brief tribute to The Three Stooges, and in this pre- Stroke of Luck era, Stooge fans ate it up.

Griffith and George Stevens, Edward Dmytryk and Edgar Kennedy, Thelma Todd and Max Steiner Hogan, Filmfax Magazine "This is a don't-miss book for any Stooge fan Entry in the publisher's "Who Was? Starting out as a vaudeville act, they soon transitioned into movies, becoming a worldwide sensation in feature films and shorts. They remained popular over the years despite several personnel changes that revolved around the three Howard brothers from Brooklyn.

Their comedies are still in syndication more than 50 years after they andreas savva biography first shown on TV and continue to delight old fans and attract new ones. Shemp Howard appears on pgs. Other recreated comedy sketches are taken from BUCK PRIVATESBUCK PRIVATES COME HOMEKEEP 'EM FLYINGIN SOCIETYHIT THE ICEHERE COME THE CO-EDSand of course, "Who's on First?

Dust jacket artwork on the U. A paperback edition released in by Avon Books, with the same cover art. Facts on File ISBN: Includes lists of their best films, plus recordings, books and some home videos. In a breezy, humorous style that is as entertaining as the comics themselves, Ronald L. Smith intersperses each biographical entry and an in-depth career history, a sprinkling of comedy from the performer, plus revealing anecdotes and quotes from contemporaries.

The book also includes revealing insights into the tragic deaths of Professor Backwards, John Belushi, Carole Lombard, Stringbean, Our Gang's Alfalfa Switzer and Thelma Todd. With more than 70 black-and-white photos, credits for every performer in the major media audio, books, Broadway, film and television and three appendixes listing comedians by category, nickname and catch phrase, Who's Who in Comedy is the book comedy buffs have been waiting for.

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