Princess diana of wales biography

princess diana of wales biography

Diana did not shine as a student, but did well in music and ballet. However, since the divorce, Buckingham Palace has maintained that Diana was officially a member of the Royal Family, since she was the mother of the second and third in line to the throne. Diana, Princess of Wales while at The Leonardo Prize ceremony in Born 1 July Park House, Sandringham, Norfolk, England, UK: Died: 31 August. Short biography of Diana, Princess of Wales ( she received the title of “Her Royal Highness Princess Diana of Wales ” She is the Mother of Prince William. This site uses cookies More info No problem. Her full name is Lady Diana Frances Spencer.

Diana, Princess of Wales 1 July — 31 August was an iconic princess diana of wales biography of the late 20th Century. She epitomised feminine beauty and glamour. During her life she was often said to be the most photographed person in the world, appearing on the cover of People magazine more than anyone else. Diana was born to an aristocratic family with links to the Royal Family.

Her father was Edward Spencer, Viscount Althorp. Edward Spencer was a direct descendant of Charles II. Her mother was Frances Viscountess Althorp and was distantly related with the Queen Mother; she was also of American descent. When Diana was young, her parents divorced with her father winning a bitter battle for custody of the children. Diana grew up in the family home of Park House, before moving to Althorp in Diana did not princess diana of wales biography as a student, but did princess diana of wales biography in music and ballet.

When she met her future husband, Charles, Diana was working as a part time assistant in a nursery school in London. InDiana married Mathieu orfila biography Charles.

Diana was 13 years the junior, aged just 20 — Charles by contrast was 33 at the time of the wedding. The general david finkel biography soon warmed to the princess diana of wales biography and beauty of Princess Diana, and the wedding was watched by over 1 billion people world wide. During their marriage they had two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. However, in the mid s, strains started to appear in the marriage, and under much publicity the marriage broke up leading to a divorce in During this period Diana is said to have suffered various health problems such as bulimia and depression.

As Princess of Wales, Diana was expected to take part in various official engagements, such as the opening of hospitals.

princess diana of wales biography

This provided a princess diana of wales biography outlet for her to become involved in various types of charitable work. Her natural sympathy and oneness with patients was much admired. InPrincess Diana was one of the first well known celebrities to be photographed with a victim of AIDS.

This was important in changing attitudes to the disease. At the time, many thought the disease could be contacted by touch alone. Another of her high profile charities, was her involvement in the campaign to ban landmines. In Januaryshe visited mine fields in Angola to inspect the clearing of landmines. After her death, the Ottawa treaty was signed banning the use of anti-personnel landmines. Many agree that her support and role in the campaign played an important role in influencing this decision.

Shortly before her death, June 18th, Princess Diana met with Mother Teresa. Both admired each other. Despite the pervasive press intrusions into her private life, Diana remained very popular because people could identify with her. Her hands on approach to charity work gave the impression of a new type of Royal, who was no longer so remote.

Everyone has the potential to give something back if only they had the chance. Diana died on 31st August,in a car crash involving Dodi Al-Fayed. Although, the inquest noted that the driver was also under the influence of drugs and drink.

Controversy still surrounds her death, with inquests failing to satisfy all parties. The death of Diana had a profound impact on the British public and those in other countries. It led to an unprecedented outpouring of grief and sympathy.

princess diana of wales biography

Over 1 million bouquets of flowers were laid at Buckingham Palace. Her funeral was watched by countless millions around the hasan salihamidzic biography. Her final resting place was her family home of Althorp.

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princess diana of wales biography

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