Napoleon biography andrew roberts

napoleon biography andrew roberts

But Roberts cannot succeed in his larger project--convincing us that Napoleon was of another league than Hitler, Stalin, etc. An Amazon Best Book of the Month, November There have been many books about Napoleon, but Andrew Roberts ’ single-volume biography is the first to make full Napoleon -Life- Andrew-Roberts /dp/. Andrew Roberts ’s Napoleon is the first one-volume biography to take the biography written by Andrew Roberts stands drastically apart from the majority of › Kindle Store  › Kindle eBooks  › Biographies & Memoirs. A Life , which was awarded the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for best biography. Culture A hilarious history of political insults and putdowns, from Churchill to Corbyn.

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napoleon biography andrew roberts

Please update your browser permissions to allow them. He would have six years on the island of St. Helena to ponder his napoleons biography andrew roberts, biigraphy imperial reign in France and his improbable napoleon biography andrew roberts from Corsican obscurity.

He may be the most written-about human being in history. But perhaps andrwe has taken to the task with greater zeal than Andrew Robertsthe much-garlanded British historian, whose admiration andtew his subject infuses and enlivens this brilliant new biography. And no charge of laziness would stick to Roberts, who devoted more time to research than Napoleon spent on Elba and St.

Roberts embarks upon this enterprise by observing that napoleon biography andrew roberts of the source material for previous biographies is suspect. Religious toleration came at the point of a bayonet.

And freedom of expression was, to put it mildly, curtailed. And despite his ruthlessness, Napoleon had a surprising streak of magnanimity. Relentlessly cuckolded by his wife, Josephine, as he campaigned in Egypt, the rising general forgave her and made her his empress.

He pursued no vendetta against her somewhat hapless lover, perhaps slaking his thirst for vengeance by himself engaging in multiple affairs. For it was on the field of battle toberts Napoleon truly made his reputation, and here Roberts particularly shines. Having visited nearly all the places where le petit caporal fought his enemies, Roberts vividly depicts the dispositions and movements of armies. One can almost hear the thomas keller biography book of marching feet and booming cannon.

Tides of battle shift constantly; at Jena and Austerlitz and almost everywhere the Napoleonic hosts contended, the initiative could have been won or lost in an instant. For all his admiration, Roberts gives us his subject warts and all. It is ultimately for the reader to decide whether Napoleon was more dewi sartika biography or villain, and Roberts is scrupulous enough to present ample evidence for either judgment.

But they should recall that it was the British — while simultaneously at war with France — who invaded the United States and burned the White House. And it was Napoleon who sold the Louisiana Territory to President Thomas Jefferson, napoleon biography andrew roberts the size of the infant nation for less than four cents an acre.

So colossal are the life and career of Napoleon that the sheer scope of the story is overwhelming; he ruled sprawling territories and concerned himself with the minutest details of administration. Fortunately, Roberts is an uncommonly gifted writer, capable of synthesizing vast amounts of material and rendering it in clear, elegant prose. The result is a thrilling tale of military and political genius, and easily the finest one-volume biography of Napoleon in English.

Bishop has held several posts on Capitol Hill and in the White House, and is the former executive director of the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission.

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napoleon biography andrew roberts

Be the first to know andrw new stories from PowerPost. Napoleon Bonaparte is portrayed by Andrew Roberts as both hero and villain: Bishop By Michael F. Bishop December 5, The napoleon biography andrew roberts must be told.

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napoleon biography andrew roberts

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