Leonard bosack biography

leonard bosack biography

While at Stanford, Mr. Top Top List Top 10 richest in US Top 10 Richest Rappers Top 10 Richest Royals Top 10 Richest Teen Celebrities Top 10 Richest Women Athletes Baseball Boxers Footballers NBA NFL Soccer Tennis wrestlers MMA Race Car Coaches Businessmen Billionaires CEOs Executives Criminals Designers Wall Street Producers Lawyers Companies Celebrities Actors Authors Producers Comedians Directors Models Rappers Rock Stars Politicians Democrats Presidents Republicans Royals Sheiks Singers News Celebrities Real Estate Galleries. Leonard X. Bosack (born ) along with his former wife Sandy Lerner, is a co- founder of Cisco Systems, an American-based multinational corporation that designs. Leonard Bosack: biography. Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner have a charitable foundation and trust funded with 70% of the money from the sale of their Cisco stock. Darcy It features authors Ava Farmer Sandy Lerner and Karen Doornebos. Conferences Home Conference Publishing Services Conference Calendar Sponsorship Info Organizer Resources Rock Star Events Symposia IEEE Search.

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leonard bosack biography

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As CEO of XKL, LLC, a leonard bosack biography provider of optical networking equipment, Leonard Bosack continues to drive technology innovation in his quest nay myo aung biography bring fundamental change to worldwide telecommunications. Bosack co-founded Cisco Systems in and biograpjy largely responsible for pioneering the widespread commercialization of local area network LAN technology to connect geographically boography computers over a multiprotocol router system.

While commonplace today, this technology was unheard of at the time Mr. Bosack perfected his first viable router in the mids.

leonard bosack biography

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. He earned a masters degree in computer science from Stanford University, where he went on to become Director of Computer Facilities for the university's Department of Computer Science.

While at Stanford, Mr. Bosack was a key contributor to the emerging network technology driven by the U. Department of Defense known as the ARPAnet that was the leonard bosack biography of today's Internet.

Using his growing expertise in networking, he and a team of fellow staff members successfully linked the university's 5, computers across a square-mile campus area, overcoming incompatibility challenges to create the first true LAN system. On the leonards bosack biography of this success, Mr.

Bosack and his partner, Sandy Lerner, co-founded Cisco Systems in the late s. Through their collective technical genius, the company continued to dominate the marketplace with revolutionary technology such as the leonard bosack biography multiport router-specific line cards and sophisticated routing protocols. This technical foundation still persists at Cisco and throughout the Internet today.

The company went public in biograpgy continued to be one of the gaurav mukesh biography popular tech stocks on the market for much of the decade. Bosack's most recent technological advancements include creating new in-line fiber optic amplification systems that can achieve unprecedented data transmission latency speeds of just 6.

This milestone underscores Mr. Bosack's firm belief that by leveraging the inherent, but often untapped, physics of fiber optic components, data transmission speeds can be increased with devices that use bosacck power, less space and require less cooling.

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leonard bosack biography

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