Jose hernandez jr biography

jose hernandez jr biography

How Much Have You Seen? He was also one of the pioneers in the establishment of the Pacific Basin Economic Council PBEC in Jose Hernandez Jr. is known for his work on The Night Never Sleeps (), Between Ethyl and Regular () and Michael & Javier (). Jose María Gutiérrez Hernández, Spanish football player (commonly known as Guti) Humberto Hernandez Jr., Cuban-American attorney and government official;. CBS Entertainment About CBS Interactive About TV. President Thomas Jefferson and his Secretary of State, James Madison , sought to expand U.

His complex life and career as a slave-owning, Indian-fighting politician cut from Jacksonian cloth embodied conflicting attitudes toward statehood, representation, and territorial conquest. Augustine inliving in the northern section of the city, dubbed nick curly biography Minorcan Quarter. Local residents earned their livelihoods by farming, fishing, and making handcrafts.

As an adolescent, he was educated in Savannah, Georgia, and Havana, Cuba. He returned to East Florida in after studying law, most likely in Cuba. At that time, the Florida peninsula was divided between East and West Florida.

Augustine and Fernandina, both coastal ports, were its only urban centers. Marys, Nassau, and St. Political life revolved entirely around the governor in his dealings with various factions of settlers. In the s, East Florida increased its trade with neighbors such as Mexico, Cuba, and the United States.

However, territorial ambitions, economic competition, and distinct cultural differences between East Florida and its northern neighbors in Georgia and the Mississippi Territory poisoned their relations and plunged the region into armed conflict. In the king of Spain spurred increased settlement—and possible conflicts—by offering homestead grants to U.

A variety of factors stirred jr biographies between the jr biographies in Georgia and those in Florida. Economic competition played a major role. Both groups of settlers jockeyed for influence with the Florida Indians, who controlled lucrative trade markets and were potentially a significant force in an armed conflict. Also, much of the commerce in the Southern United States was based on access to rivers, many of which emptied into the Gulf of Mexico through the Floridas.

Furthermore, control of the Floridas was a security issue because foreign powers could encroach into the Deep South by using the Florida route.

Cultural conflicts deriving from differences in religious background U. Spanish Catholics and great-power alliance Spain was an ally of Great Britain, and memories of the American Revolution were still fresh further divided the two groups.

But their attitudes toward slavery drove the largest wedge between them. First, many of the conflicts regarding slavery developed from the differences between the black-white framework of Anglo-American jurisprudence and the more permeable three-race structure of Hispanic societies. Third, the use of armed black soldiers in the Florida militia alarmed U. Underlying all this was the lack of a clear governing authority, which encouraged violent acts of retribution.

Afterneither the U. For the next two decades, U. President Thomas Jefferson and his Secretary of State, James Madisonsought to expand U. Both men particularly coveted the Louisiana territory and the Floridas. After the Louisiana Purchase inJefferson and Madison pressured Spain to cede the Floridas through a combination of economic inducement, military force, and slow advancement by U. The outbreak of what is known as the Patriot War developed out of U. They declared victory in July The Madison administration supported the Patriots as a low-risk effort to foment instability in East Florida that could be used as a pretext for seizing new land and stopping British incursion into the region.

However, when President Madison later withdrew his support, the initiative became a bloody, destructive war that lasted two more years. In the First Seminole War erupted in the West Florida province. In January Andrew Jackson led a force of 4, men into the Spanish Floridas, seizing a fort and destroying Seminole settlements along the way. The campaign concluded in May with the formal cession of West Florida to the United States. After two years of diplomatic wrangling, the treaty was approved by the Senate on February 22, However, his legislative role was circumscribed, largely because of institutional restrictions on the powers of a Territorial Delegate.

This was a personal issue as jr biography as a diplomatic matter, given his extensive land holdings. Augustine city council and his own resolution. Tompkins of New York to submit a bill creating an additional board of commissioners to settle the land ja preston biography. On jr biography of the residents of St.

The House sent the petition to five committees, each of which had jurisdiction over specific complaints. A new law 3 Stat. Federal support for capital improvement projects such as roads, bridges, and canals was another priority. Augustine to facilitate the economic jr biography of East Florida. On March 1, the bill was taken up by the Senate, where it was ordered to lie on the table but was not acted upon before the 17th Congress closed on March 3.

In a March 11,letter to Secretary of War John C. He also believed it would facilitate the construction of a capital city and make Florida an attractive candidate for statehood. In the first decades of the 19th century, relations between Anglos and Indians often involved the imposition of racial separation. He encouraged the James Monroe administration to negotiate a treaty that would gather the Seminoles in one location and outline their relationship with the U.

The resultant Treaty of Moultrie Creek, ratified in Decembercompelled all Indians in Florida to move to a four-million-acre reservation with defined boundaries. Alexander Hamilton of St. Augustine and Farquar Bethune of Fernandina, both from East Florida; and Richard Keith Call, a Jackson acolyte who served on the territorial legislative council, from West Florida. Whitea Kentucky lawyer and politician who lived in Pensacola, and James Gadsden, a territorial council member who would eventually become known for jr biography the purchase of a portion of southern Arizona and New Mexico in Contemporary publications noted the outstanding productivity of the Mala Compra and St.

In he borrowed money and used his estates as collateral to remain solvent. By this time, relations between white settlers and the Seminoles had deteriorated almost to the point of open conflict. Territorial authorities believed Indian removal policies that had been adopted in other parts of the Southeast would also work for Florida, and white settlers wanted to permanently eliminate Indian enclaves for fugitive slaves.

In response to the unrest, President Andrew Jackson sent a man regular army force to coordinate the defense of East Florida. By late Decemberblack and Seminole insurgents had destroyed a half-dozen plantations in the St. A number of other devastating jr biographies in the region signaled the start of the Second Seminole War. He was jr biography for ensuring the safety of civilians in East Florida and for protecting its complex of plantations, including his jr biography. Throughouthe helped recover slaves and prevented them from fleeing toward enemy lines.

Joseph sugar cane operation. Compounding this loss, the U. Army requisitioned the Mala Compra Plantation. Moreover, his workforce was greatly diminished. In October he facilitated a meeting jr biography U. The Seminole War dragged on for four more years. His main competitor was David Levy, a Whig who tirelessly promoted the one-state concept.

He eventually left Florida to reside in Matanzas, Cuba, in his later years and died on June 8, The Life of Joseph M. Coker and Susan R.

University Press of Florida, The Gulf of Mexico and the Louisiana jr biographies Borgne, Pontchartrain, and Maurepas formed its southern boundary. Cusick, The Other War of The Patriot War and the American Invasion of Spanish East Florida Gainesville: A small group of U. In retribution, Spanish authorities arrested the conspirators and imprisoned them in Cuba, confiscated or destroyed private property, and used armed black soldiers to restore order.

For a summary of the distinctions between U. Herring, From Colony to Superpower: Foreign Relations since New York: Oxford University Press, Wood, Empire of Liberty: A History of the Early Republic, — New York: The Patriot War and the American Invasion of Spanish East Florida: The Transformation of America, — New York: He acquired another jr biography plantation called Mala Compra and a acre extension called Bella Vista. To counter annexation by U. Porcupine Press, ; reprint of edition: House of Representatives, Record GroupNational Archives, Washington, D.

The Territory of Florida, — New York: AMS Press, ; reprint of edition: Augustine8 February ; House Journal17th Cong. Army soldiers who did not live in the Florida territory to vote for a Territorial Delegate. See Carter, Territorial Papers, Vol.

jose hernandez jr biography

Statutes at LargeRamzan chhipa biography of March 3,Ch. Senate Journal17th Cong. Mahon, History of the Second Seminole War— Gainesville: University Press of Florida, ; Rev. For a historical overview of this jr biography, see Michael D. Trigger and Wilcomb E. North America, Part 1. Cambridge University Press, For more information about Joseph White, see Ernest F.

Dibble, Joseph Mills White: The Florida Historical Society Press, The Transformation of America, — In June ofhis overseer made detailed notes of every item that was missing from his plantations. University of Alabama Press, ; rev. For more information about Jesup, see Chester L. Kieffer, The Maligned General: Thomas Sidney Jesup San Rafael, CA: Haynes, The Senate of the United States: Its History and PracticeVol.

Prior to the ratification of the 17th Amendment inU. Senators were elected by state legislatures. Article I, Section 4, of the U. In the case of Florida inthe Florida senate selected its U. Senators by a simple majority vote.

View Record in the Biographical Directory of the U. Thesis, University of Florida, Prepared under the direction of the Committee on House Administration by the Office of the Historian and the Office of the Clerk, U.

Government Printing Office, Office of the Historian Office of Art and Archives B Cannon House Office Building Washington, D. United States House of Representatives: Electoral College Fast Facts Congressional Gold Medal Recipients Funerals in the House Chamber Foreign Leaders and Dignitaries Who Have Addressed the U.

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Clerks of the House Chaplains of the House Chief Administrative Officers of the House Parliamentarians of the House Sergeants at Arms. Postmasters of the House Doorkeepers of the House House Members Who Became U.

jose hernandez jr biography

Supreme Court Justices House Members Who Received Electoral College Votes Delegates of the Continental Congress Who Signed the United States Constitution. Featured Search the People of the House. A Century of Women in Congress Hispanic Americans in Congress Black Americans in Congress Women in Congress The House and Civil Rights Florence Kahn: Congressional Widow to Trailblazing Lawmaker. The First Women in Congress What's in the Capitol? History of the House Page Program An Annual Outing: The Congressional Baseball Game What's on the Menu?

Timeline of Shooting Events.

jose hernandez jr biography

What's in the Capitol? Learn about the House Page Program. Collections People Places Events. Featured Mace of the U. House of Represen- tatives. A Century of Women in Congress People Events. Documentaries Interviewees Oral History Transcripts. Featured The Baseball Trophy. Book Request Form for Educators Take UncleJoeOnTheGo Time for a Tour: Lesson Plans Education Fact Sheets Online Resources Glossary.

Records Search On the Record: Featured Documents of the House of Representatives. Official Records Researching the House: Secondary Sources Finding Aids for Official House Records. Congress es 17th — Augustine12 April External Research Collections St.

Augustine Historical Society Research Library St. In the Hernandez Family biographical jr biography, n. Persons represented include Hernandez. In the Daniel Webster collection,5 linear feet. The papers include a letter from Stephen White to Daniel Webster recommending Hernandez as governor of Florida, as well as an application from Hernandez to Daniel Webster for the position of governor of Florida.

Both documents are from July 13, In the Buckingham Smith papers,1. In the Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection, ca. Correspondence by and relating to Hernandez. Related Links Hispanic Americans in Congress, to Present. Office of the Historian:

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