Jane kurtz biography

jane kurtz biography

Jane Kurtz Average rating: Jane Kurtz (born April 17, ) is an American writer of including more than thirty picture books, middle-grade novels, nonfiction, ready-to-reads, and books for. Biography. Jane Kurtz knows a lot about moving. She was born in Portland, Oregon, but when she was two years old her parents moved their family to Ethiopia to work. Does it matter what gender a pirate it?

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jane kurtz biography

Save Create a List. CITY OF BIRTH Portland. COUNTRY OF BIRTH United States of America. CURRENT COUNTRY United States of America.

Jane Kurtz spent jane kurtz biography of her childhood in Ethiopia and now lives in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where she teaches in the English department at the University of North Dakota, writes books and magazine articles and a weekly column about children's books, and speaks around the region.

Of all the things she writes, she loves children's books best and has sold nine of them in the last four years.

jane kurtz biography

Miro in the Kingdom of the Sun Houghton, is a re-telling of an Inca folktale. Trouble Harcourt, spring is set in Eritrea, one of the newest countries of the world. She also has books coming out that are set in places like North Carolina, Ghana, and the Sudan, and she's interested in life all around the world and inside it. Jane Kurtz comments on the writing of her first novel.

Even after I had several books published that were set in Ethiopia, where I had spent most of my childhood, I still resisted telling part of the story.

I resisted writing about that part of my Ethiopian memories until I was haunted by two girls: The other character came to me jane kurtz biography I read one sentence in a nonfiction book, a gathering of survival stories of Ethiopian Jews who fled Ethiopia in the s and s.

jane kurtz biography

That jane kurtz biography talked about a blind girl who walked all the way to the Sudan with her hand on her brother's shoulder. When I'm haunted by characters, I write. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. My Account Sign Out.

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