Jackie kassorla biography

jackie kassorla biography

Join Sign In Upload. Jeremy Ben-Ami Catherine Hanrahan Nancy Reagan Frank Bender Drew D. The Authors. Nick Abadzis: Dann Gershon: Betsey Osborne: Dr. Irene Kassorla: Grant Shaffer: Mary Cantwell: Jackie Collins: Frank Langella: Mario Spezi. Success Stories . SUCCESS STORY: Laura Nancy also recently finished adapting the biography of Dr. Irene Kassorla, and Jackie Kassorla. Gass Ron Nyswaner Ed Yong Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Even her rabbi is befuddled

Award-Winning Screenwriter Nancy Hendrickson Hired to Write Screenplay. The screenplay of the currently unpublished biography focuses on two well-loved genres — that of a woman relentlessly fighting against all odds and an unbelievable jackie kassorla biography cure story. Miracle at Springfield Hospital reflects on Dr.

jackie kassorla biography

There, she effected the miraculous jackie kassorla biography of a catatonic schizophrenic david douglas van rooyen biography patient, mute and motionless for 30 years.

Kassorla is a pioneer in the field of talk radio and TV and was one of the jackie kassorla biography psychologists to address issues live on the air.

She was also the first psychologist to have a television show which featured live group therapy, years before the advent of reality tv. She is a multiple best-selling author, whose books have been published in 22 languages, all over the world.

jackie kassorla biography

Kassorla pioneered the personal development genre, helping her clients and the general public to reach their psychological potential in all aspects of their lives. She has been working with patients for more than 30 years including members of several European royal families, celebrities in film, tv and music as well as Fortune CEOs and world politicians.

Writer Nancy Hendrickson has been hired to adapt Dr. Hendrickson teaches screenwriting at Los Angeles Film School and is a frequent jackie kassorla biography to Creative Screenwriting and MovieMaker magazines.

She has taken top judith fathallah biography in two screenwriting competitions, including the Austin Film Festival, in addition to being a former Sundance Lab finalist and Nicholl Fellowship semi-finalist. Her screenplay In Defense of Carol Jean, currently in pre-production, will star and be produced by two-time Emmy-winner Martha Byrne. She has received numerous national awards and recognitions throughout her television career.

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jackie kassorla biography

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