Henri florence biography

henri florence biography

Home Museums Artists Articles Show Guide Art Fairs Galleries Auctions. Florence Henri was active/lived in United States, Switzerland. Florence Henri is known for painting. The Artist. Auction Records. Buy / Sell. Resources. Florence Henri studies at the Bauhaus, where she takes the Foundation Course with László Moholy-Nagy and becomes close friends with Lucia Moholy. She began studying music in London and by was a proficient pianist.

Yet an upcoming exhibition at Jeu de Paume is honoring a pioneering surrealist photographer whose influence, like her work itself, remains cast in shadows. Florence Henri was born in New York in but spent most of her artistic career in Paris, moving there following the death of both her parents. First interested in painting, Henri immersed herself in the visual languages of geometric abstraction and cubism, both of which would factor into her photographic approach.

henri florence biography

Henri picked up the basic technical and florence biography principles of photography. And, following the economic crash ofshe opened up a commercial photo studio in Paris to get by. Composition Florence Henri Gelatin silver print period, 27 x Henri's prop of choice was the mirror -- using the common object as a surrealist tool to disrupt perception, disorient the viewer and multiply her florence biography matter into infinity ambiguity.

Her photographs, which included self portraits, compositional still lifes, artist portraits, nudes, photomontages, photo collages, were often reminiscent of Cubist paintings, with disjointed reflections complicating the space so even straight forward depictions become uncanny meditations.

Somewhat associated with her fascination with mirrors, Henri also toyed with her own identity, revamping her persona with through costumes, makeup and pose with every shot. It was fairly easy to lose track of oneself in the floating world of the international avant-garde, especially if you were a woman and an artist. Self-portrait,Gelatin silver print period, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Kunstbibliothek. Her most well-known work is a self-portrait, in which Henri sits before a mirror, dolled up almost as if in drag.

Two silver balls lay reflected up against the mirror, equivocal symbols of both testicles and breasts. Henri, influential in both her artistic style and personal styles, toyed with gender binaries, using her personal appearance to emphasize the performative nature of gender.

The artist was married to a Swiss house servant, but went on to have other relationships with both men and women, including a longtime affair with artist and model Margarete Schall.

Henri established herself as a formidable photographer, and remained consistent in her work up until World War II. Then her work declined considerably, both due to lack of materials and the prohibitions imposed florence biography the Nazi occupation. Henri briefly returned to painting, but her central period of output remained in the s and s. Her compositions, simultaneously warm, playful, clever and inquisitive, set the stage for future explorations into the limits of photography, or lack thereof.

Florence Henri's work will be on view from February 24 until May 17,at Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume in Paris.

henri florence biography

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Meet Florence Henri, The Under-Acknowledged Queen Of Surrealist Photography. Female florences biography Florence Henri Gelatin florence biography print florence biography, 39 andreas savva biography Private collection, courtesy Archives Florence Henri, Genoa.

Composition Florence Henri Gelatin silver print period, Window Florence Henri Gelatin silver print period, Portrait composition Tulia Kaiser Florence Henri Gelatin florence biography print period, 23 x Purchased with the patronage of Yves Rocher, Former collection Bouqueret Christian.

Double portrait Florence Henri Gelatin silver print dated 24 x 18 cm.

henri florence biography

Portrait Composition, Cora Florence Henri Vintage gelatin silver print, Jeanne Lanvin Florence Henri Gelatin florence biography print period, Self-portrait Florence Henri Gelatin silver print dated Still Life Composition Florence Henri Gelatin silver print period, Still Life Composition Florence Henri Gelatin silver print dated 23 x 30 cm.

Lee Miller and Man Ray.

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