Fr anthony messeh biography

fr anthony messeh biography

New blog dedicated to cooking More info on The Golden Compass November 6, - Recent posts and other links Abp Ranjith: Catholic TV, Radio, Drama Ave Maria Radio Catholic Podcasting Resources EWTN Gloria TV a Catholic YouTube Grassroots Films Keep the Faith Audio Downloads Michigan Catholic Radio Relevant Radio St. View Anthony Messeh 's business profile as Sermons From H.G. Bishop at North West Coptic Youth Convention and see work history, affiliations and more. Nov 06,  · Sadness at EWTN as Fr. Francis Mary Takes Leave I had heard this earlier, Then the post goes on to quote Fr Anthony Mary's concluding statement. Katherine Church [Toronto ] St.

Please login or register. Home Help RULES Calendar Donations Login Register. Father Anthony Messeh tells you that praying "to" the Saints is not right.

fr anthony messeh biography

Pope Shenouda said the same thing, in the case of Virgin Mary, in his book "Comparative Theology": First maybe first I should ask how would praying to the Saints be defined? Mo'a Ambessa ze biography of indian actor emraan hashmi Yehuda!

The Lion of the tribe of Judah has conquered! I have heard the expression praying "with" the saints. Maybe this is a slightly more precise way to say it.

I don't see what is wrong about praying "to" saints. We profess that we believe in the fr anthony messeh biography of Saints, and that if the Saints are indeed who we believe they are, that is those who have loved Christ and obeyed His commandments and thus He is in them and they in Him fr anthony messeh biography as He is in the Father and the Father in Him, then praying to the Saints is praying to Christ as well who is in them.

Also, fr anthony messeh biography isn't fr anthony messeh biography. We pray when we worship, but not every prayer is worship. We do pray to the Saints, just not in the same way we pray to God. It doesn't take much of a look into Coptic liturgical texts to see what is proper in our tradition.

X, O Lord, grant us the forgiveness of our sins. Even in those hymns that attribute all manner of things to the saints, this is right, because it is always through their prayers and intercessions, and not through any power of their own separate from God and His work in their life which testifies to His greatness. I fr anthony messeh biography if you find Orthodox resources that talk about praying to saints, chances are they are playing fast and loose with language under the assumption that this understanding is implicit in all Orthodox veneration.

fr anthony messeh biography

What true happiness looks like. It really depends on what is meant by the word 'prayer'. In Eastern Orthodox tradition we most certainly pray TO the Saints.

fr anthony messeh biography

This distinction between praying to vs. Of course we pray to the Saints. We've always done that. Alpo on February 25, February 25, Hyperdox HermanEastern Orthodox Christian News - fbEastern Orthodox Christian News - tt Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Who can watch the watchmen? That makes no sense.

Orthodox11 on February 25, Carl Kraeff Second Chance Merarches Posts: Diocese of the South OCA. I had thought that praying to the saints means asking for their intercessions in line with numerous Biblical passages.

We do not worship them but we show them love and esteem--that is we venerate them. I think that the fr anthony messeh biography example of such veneration is the Divine Liturgy itself during the censing of the fr anthonies messeh biography representing the departed saints and the people who are the living saints.

Carl Kraeff Second Chance on February 25, Minas in Greek, Menes in white people Egyptologists: This is a good example of semantics. By prayer, both Islamic and Protestant traditions do not separate the act of communicating from the act of worshipping.

Prayer to them is both. HH Pope Shenouda and Abouna Anthony took that definition into consideration when saying what is being asked. In the end, I think it makes no difference what you call it, in my opinion. Vain existence can never exist, for "unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Alveus Lacuna Taxiarches Posts: Does not "to pray" fr anthony messeh biography "to request"?

Mor Ephrem "Mor has a huge ego" Section Moderator Protospatharios Posts: The Ancienter Faith Jurisdiction: The first hymn of the Wednesday Vespers in domogarov biography Syriac tradition addresses the Mother of God directly "to her"asking her to pray "with us" and "for us" to her Son. The understanding of "prayer" here is not worship, but more like "communication", "asking", etc. Furthermore, we believe that it is Christ himself who is the sanctifier of the saints e.

Many of the hymns for the saints in the canonical offices, in referring to their relics, affirm that " the power of Christ dwells in their bones".

While I can't speak for the Coptic tradition, I'm pretty sure it is the same concept for them and all the rest of our Churches. I, too, believe that the statements of Fr Anthony disclaimer: I didn't listen before posting reflect the conflation of "prayer" with "worship" or "adoration". As someone alluded above, all worship is prayer, but not all prayer is worship.

Many equate the two, leading them to think our veneration of the saints is simply a thinly veiled polytheism. Sadly, this is practically if not intentionally how some of our faithful practice their faith. I've heard stories from priests of parishioners who'll say something like "I don't have much faith in Jesus, but I have great faith in Saint Insertnameios: Perhaps this tendency among some is a reason why you'll occasionally find Orthodox speakers "downplaying" the "cult" of the saints.

But in doing so, we risk diluting the authentic teaching of our Church on salvation, sanctification, theosis, etc.

We can affirm that "it's all about Jesus", placing the veneration of the saints in its proper ilyich rivas biography to Christ, fr anthony messeh biography belittling the economy of salvation by which Christ sanctifies those who believe in him, re-creating them through incorporation into his body and cooperation with divine grace. Unfortunately, and in saying this I mean no slight at all to Fr Anthony, it seems that a lot of our recent teaching and preaching is "reactionary".

Instead of going on the offense and taking the time and effort to teach the truth, we're too busy being on the defense, cleaning up the mess caused by heterodox presuppositions. When we do the latter, it's tempting to take the easy way out and simplify things. Simple is good, but sometimes it'll just create a different but equally annoying mess.

LizaSymonenko on May 31, Mor Ephrem on April 29, It sounds cool, but not emoticon cool. Never heard that from an Orthodox before.

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Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation. But initially I thought Father Anthony and H. Mor Ephrem on February 26, Arnaud on February 26, The lives of the saints are filled with examples of people crying out "St.

February 26, Jonathan High Elder Posts:

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